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Colliers CAAC business group is the new licensee in Costa Rica

Colliers, a real estate consulting firm, strengthens its regional strategy and invests more than $2 million in the country

With this acquisition, Costa Rica joins the countries belonging to Colliers Central America, Caribbean and Andean (CAAC)

Hazel Cepeda assumed as CEO for Costa Rica.


SAN JOSE COSTA RICA. November, 2022 – Colliers CAAC, a regional holding company that currently has the exclusive sub-licensing of Colliers International for Central America, the Caribbean and some countries in the Andean region, announced the acquisition of the real estate consulting firm in Costa Rica. The business group estimates that the immediate investment in the country exceeds $2 million dollars.


Samuel Urrutia Cantoral, President of Colliers CAAC (Central America, Andean and Caribbean) explained that Costa Rica is a key market for the region it represents, as well as for the global reach of the brand. “The vision we have is focused on consolidating and promoting the growth of local investment, as well as the attraction of foreign investment, which allow the generation of direct and indirect jobs and productive chains for the development of the country. This strength of our regional and global approach at Colliers is what will open up opportunities to continue positioning Costa Rica as a value-added destination for other international markets,” said Urrutia.


The businessman expressed his great interest in working with key strategic partners, highlighting the strengthening of the collaboration with CINDE to expose Costa Rica through the brand's global network, which currently operates in 63 countries.


Jorge Sequeira, General Director of CINDE, mentioned that “Costa Rica has a robust ecosystem for attracting foreign investment thanks to the work and commitment of many specialized actors that generate an adequate business climate for the installation of these companies. Real estate brokerage companies are an essential part in the search for conditions for companies that seek to invest and require their services. We congratulate Colliers for their track record and the work they do for their clients.”

In order to relaunch the brand in the country, Colliers CAAC appointed Hazel Cepeda as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with more than 30 years of experience in leadership positions in the corporate sector and financial market, both in Costa Rica and Central America.


The firm offers real estate consulting services and best practices to local and multinational clients. Among the strategic business priorities projected for Costa Rica are the industrial and logistics sectors, global clients in corporate offices and free zones, and the attraction of investment funds to the country for the development of real estate projects. Additionally, Colliers CAAC has invested in the strengthening and development of a business vertical specialized in the field of hospitality, given the investment and development conditions that this activity has in Costa Rica, being one of the main sources of income in the country.


With its consulting practices and global technology and data services, Colliers CAAC will strengthen Costa Rica in several key axes: appraisals with a global financial approach, capital markets and specialized ones, as well as property management and its facilities. All this to provide support to real estate projects from the plan, studies and market intelligence and project management.


Professionals or strategic partners who want to join this vision and be part of the company or production chains, can write to

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