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Cultural & Leisure Operations

Cultural & Leisure Operations is a fresh business line of Colliers which aims to provide closed loop of content operations by space operations, brand leasing, marketing promotion, content innovation and big data.


With our full chain management capabilities, we aim to create a closed loop of cultural, business and tourism industry services, providing customer service throughout the whole process chain of “Big Data - Planning - Design - Investing - Operation - Promotion”. Through this closed-loop approach, we help our clients maximise their business value.

Colliers China Wins the "2021 Influential Cultural Tourism Industry Model" Award

Colliers China has established an innovative team in the industry for cultural tourism and consumer operations and made these services a focus for emerging business. On September 16, Colliers China won the "2021 Influential Culture and Tourism Industry Model" award at the "2021 Bo’ao Real Estate Forum" held in Hainan.

Bo'ao 21st Century Real Estate Forum is a professional real estate forum which has the highest scale and the largest influence in China. It has held annual conferences for 20 times since August 2001 and it is one of the great events of on real estate in China. Tammy was invited to deliver a keynote speech and share expertise as an industry expert at this most influential annual event in the real estate sector. Colliers won the “2021 Annual Influential Culture & Leisure Industry Model" award.

Scope of Services

  • Planning and positioning
  • Branding Services
  • Content Production
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Project Operations

Detail of Services

  • Market Analysis
  • Commercial Demand and Consumer Insight Analysis
  • Commercial Positioning
  • Brand Positioning & Developing Strategy
  • Brand Site Selection Services
  • Project Brand Investment
  • Online & Offline 
  • PR Events
  • Integrated Media Marketing
  • Urban Marketing Events
  • Developing and Sale of Cultural & Creative Products
  • Co-Branding Collaboration
  • Creative Content Design

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