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Beijing|20221130|Industry opportunities and future prospects for the Beijing office market

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The market tone is new supply and large factories to withdraw leases, cost reduction and efficiency increase is the main theme of the demand side, and the market will remain neutral and short

At present, the office market has seen new industrial changes. The sharp adjustment of the demand of Internet technology enterprises will have a huge impact on market decentralization, and will also greatly increase the uncertainty of the future market. In the northern market where Internet companies gather, the vacancy rate in Zhongguancun, Shangdi and Wangjing Jiuxianqiao areas has continued to rise. Among them, the vacancy rate of Grade A market in Wangjing Jiuxianqiao increased by 9.7 percentage points year-on-year in the third quarter of this year, reaching 18% and 18%; Zhongguancun's vacancy rate climbed to 10% for the first time in nearly 15 years.

It can be seen from the above changes in the market environment that the uncertainty of the market demand side will increase sharply in the next 3-5 years. Therefore, in the current market environment, the most important problems faced by investment institutions and office building owners are the following three problems:

1. When the strategy of the leading Internet manufacturers is adjusted, is the current development trend of the Internet technology industry sustainable?
2. In addition to Internet technology, what other industries are growing rapidly and forming new market growth poles in the future?
3. Where are these potentially fast-growing industries located in Beijing?

To answer these three questions, we need to return to the essence of commercial real estate, that is, to serve the industry, that is, to observe through the changes in hot industries. We hope to provide market participants with an insight into the future changes in the demand for the office industry from the primary market of private equity investment. Institutions vote with funds, and the industry or enterprise that obtains the most resources today is likely to be a sustainable source of demand in tomorrow's office market.


Beijing|20221130|Industry opportunities and future prospects for the Beijing office market

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