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The Reimagined Workplace | Q&A - Consumer Goods

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Colliers APAC Occupier Services - Work3_Reimagined Workplace Q&A Consumer Goods

The future of work, rethinking existing workplace models and top future-proofing trends for occupiers in the consumer goods sector.

Following our insights from WORK3 on The Future of Work, we explore how the rise of remote working and work from home (WFH) have shifted our perspective on the workplace, prompting businesses to rethink the office of the future.

In this edition of The Reimagined Workplace Q&A series, we collaborate with Rengaswamy Ramachandran,, Real Estate Manager at Nestlé Singapore to discuss how the work 'place', 'space' and 'pace' are evolving for the consumer goods sector and the opportunities for its occupiers going forward.

Q&A Highlights:

  • What are the factors influencing the future of work in the consumer goods sector, and how do they impact the workplace?
  • How are consumer goods occupiers balancing remote and in-office work?
  • How are consumer goods occupiers future-proofing the workplace?
  • What are the biggest changes for consumer occupiers in the future?

Download the Q&A below to find out more. Contact our experts Sam Harvey-Jones, Doug Henry, Abhishek Bajpai or Michael Bowens to find out how we can help you accelerate your business success today.

The Reimagined Workplace | Q&A - Consumer Goods

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