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Colliers Partners with China Life Finance Center (Xi’an) to obtain LEED Platinum Certification


Green and platinum look great together: The China Life Finance Center of Xi'an now finds itself in rare company as it has obtained a standout designation for its “green” status.

In May 2022, with Colliers’ help, the center can now be considered exemplary in being environmentally friendly: it has become the first project in Shaanxi Province to obtain “LEED v4.1O+M Existing Building Platinum Certification” this year. By acquiring this superlative, the project has demonstrated improved sustainability in all aspects, including in energy efficiency.

Client’s background

China Life Finance Center (Xi’an) is a super Grade 5A office building, entrusted by China Life Investment Management Co., Ltd. . Its assets are managed by China Life Real Estate Operation and Management Co., Ltd.

As the one and only super high-rise office building on Tangyan Road Financial Street, the China Life Finance Center (Xi’an) is located at the core CBD of the Xi'an High-tech Zone. It is a double subway transportation hub, allowing visitors to go to every corner of the city. The building holds a double-circuit and double-backup power supply system, as well as FCU central air conditioning with an F7 fresh air purification system. The Center includes a Tang Dynasty Wall Relics Park covering 440,000 square meters, regarded as the largest green office environment in the High-tech Zone.

In the future, The China Life Finance Center (Xi’an) will continue to attract high-end and international leading companies so as to boost regional economic development, including similar financial industries and top 500 leading enterprises. By doing this, a financial innovation industry belt valued at 1 trillion USD will be found across the area.

China Life Finance Center (Xi’an)


service content

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a globally used green building certification system aimed to set benchmarks for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings. It can improve the sustainable performance of buildings by evaluating their impact on energy and environment throughout their entire life cycle.

The LEED platinum certification obtained by China Life Finance Center (Xi’an) only accounts for about 10% of the overall LEED certificates in China.

LEED serves as a certification system evaluating the design, construction and operation of green buildings by scores based on their impact on energy and the environment throughout their entire life cycle. LEED can be applied to certifications of any type of building at different stages, from the office buildings, to hotels, residences, etc., as well as to community and city certifications. It is a green building evaluation standard with a wide range of applications and high global recognition.




During this LEED certification process, Colliers China Engineering & Sustainability Division and Xi'an Property & Asset Management Department worked together to overcome difficulties under the epidemic and efficiently acquired LEED Platinum certification within 5 months.

In terms of energy conservation, Colliers organized the energy management and property engineering teams to conduct site surveys, energy conservation diagnoses and audits, reviews of the operation and management of mechanical and electrical systems and existing equipment, and provided feasible landing plans to improve the energy consumption of buildings.

In terms of water conservation, the project adopted an efficient irrigation system and water-saving sanitary ware, meanwhile adjusting and optimizing water equipment. This greatly reduced the use of water resources. As for daily operation and management, the layout and promotion of resource recovery facilities were strengthened to ensure an over 80% rate waste recycling volume. Management over indoor disinfection and sterilization was tightened to include 100% environmentally friendly protection supplies and cleaning equipment.

China Life Finance Center (Xi’an)


Colliers has always focused on green and sustainable development. We: