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Colliers Partners with UBS Center to Build an Exclusive Territory for Chifeng’s Urban Elite

Colliers Partners with UBS Center to Build an Exclusive Territory for Chifeng’s Urban Elite

Colliers, with its forward-looking service concept and rich experience in project management, was recently appointed by UBS Real Estate to provide property consultancy services for its UBS Center project.

UBS Center: A platform for youth to share digital business ventures

The UBS Center is located in the Chifeng Financial Business District, close to the Chifeng Hongshan Wanda business district. It is wholly owned by UBS Real Estate and follows the new trend of digital business development. After completion, it will become a youth shared digital business entrepreneurship platform integrating spaces for entrepreneurship, residence, offices, social interaction, and leisure. The project is delivered with systematic solutions to create a shared vitality center to help urban youth quickly realize their life dreams.

Chifeng Financial and Business District CBD, Convergence of High-Quality Resources

Shopping centers, major bank headquarters, corporate headquarters, and financial towns provide convenient support for entrepreneurship and life. This project gathers Chifeng culture, sports, education, and medical resources in one place containing Chifeng Sports Center, Chifeng University, Chifeng Museum, Qidanliao Museum, Stone Park, etc. The ideal values of life are fully incorporated.

Sharing the Center of Vitality, Leading the Style of Metropolis

The UBS Center is a shared vitality center with a fast-food bar, a supermarket, a tea bar, a bank, a fitness center, a water bar, a meeting room, an office, a conference, a training center and other multi-functional facilities that provide urban youth with convenient business conditions and a rich living experience, making it as convenient as possible as they pursue entrepreneurship. 5G wireless signal network coverage and indoor gigabit broadband network ports provide the entire community with connectivity.

The new 100+ meter landmark of Chifeng that matches the city’s distinguished status

With a height of over 100 meters, UBS Center occupies the city center with an excellent landscape view. The facade is made of ceramic, aluminum, and louvre materials to highlight its texture. The hotel-style lobby is equipped with a parcel locker Hive Box, high-speed elevators, underground commercial areas, charging stations and intelligent parking systems, taking proper care of every facet of life. The intelligent security system, including video surveillance, electronic patrol and access control systems, allows the owners to walk with peace of mind.

Strong alliance to create a better future

The UBS Center project is a future urban landmark in Chifeng's financial and business district where owners can enjoy exclusive lobbies, high-speed elevators, garden-style ecological office environment, varied business facilities and other privileged services for corporate headquarters.

In the future, Colliers will provide comprehensive and high-quality property consultancy services for the UBS Center project with its professional team and industry resources, relying on its rich experience and deep insight into the market accumulated during the service of many projects. Colliers will join hands with UBS Center to help digital business development and jointly build a shared digital business entrepreneurship platform for Chifeng youth!