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Colliers has won another important landmark project in Jinjiang District, helping to develop Chengdu's digital culture and creativity


Colliers has won another important landmark project in Jinjiang District, helping to develop Chengdu's digital culture and creativity

Colliers has recently won another important industrial park project in Chengdu's Jinjiang District, providing exclusive leasing agency services for the "Jinjiang Cultural and Creative Park,” a science and innovation space located in the eastern section of downtown Chengdu.

What is a high-quality science and innovation space?

This space is not only the main area of industrial infrastructure capacity and public service, but also the centralized display area of future industrial ecological functions and expanding living space.

Exciting features of Jinjiang Cultural and Creative Park

1、Original industrial genes

Sichuan Daily Press Group, Chengdu Media Group and other media enterprises have developer a modern media matrix. With the head enterprise creating traction, it can attract the local industry supporting enterprises.

2、Talent transfer from universities

The project is adjacent to the cultural and creative industrial zone around Sichuan Normal University. This allows it to rely on the existing high-quality educational resources of Jinjiang, Sichuan Normal University, Sichuan Post and Telecommunications College and other universities.

1、Project Location

Superior Geographical Location, Ideal Construction Conditions

The project is located in the eastern development area between Yidu Avenue and Chenglong Avenue, southeast of the third ring road of Chengdu. It covers an area of 34 mu across a land area used for cultural facilities and has a plot ratio of 3.0.

Convenient Location, Complete Living Facilities

The metro line 13 is just downstairs, and there are many bus lines. It is a quick commute to the railway station and Chendgu Shuangliu International Airport.

The project is adjacent to Huaxi LIVE-528, where a variety of professionals gather to work, live, shop and visit. The buildings and landscape are closely connected to each other, forming a real urban creative neighborhood.


2、Project Building Composition

The project includes high-rise offices and multi-story blocks, with a planned total building area of 103,225.1㎡ and a total office land area of 59,496.87㎡, consisting of:

  1. Multi-story podium office with a total area of 8,080.67㎡
  2. 2,974.73㎡ of office space in the Expo Center
  3. The total office area of 1-1# tower is 24,032.66㎡
  4. The total office area of 1-2# tower is 24,408.81㎡
  5. The commercial area on the first floor has an overall area of 7,875.19㎡


3、WELL Health Building Standard


The building’s design concept of "people-oriented" pays careful attention to the users' comfort and health needs.

4、Introduction of intelligent digital management solutions


Improve efficiency, optimize experience, enhance collaboration, and create user experience and management innovation with the most suitable combination of technology.

5、Introduction of VRV air-conditioning system

The VRV air conditioning system eliminates the need for a separate cooling room and enhances space utilization.

To enhance office flexibility, each household operates independently with separate metering and 24-hour independent adjustment.


6、Project volume distribution

 Standard floor plan of Tower 1 and Tower 2

Building features:
Standard floor area: about 1,400㎡/story
Floor height: 4.2m
Elevator configuration: 6 passenger elevators + 2 fire evacuation elevators
Floor loading office area: 2.0kpa(KN/㎡)
Distance from standard floor window to core barrel: 10.35~16.2m
Electrical equipment: 120W/㎡



Multi-story commercial podium



Floor plan of commercial podium

Building features:
Standard floor surface area: about 1455-3700㎡/story
Floor height: 5.5m-9m
Elevator configuration: 6 passenger elevators
Floor loading office area: 4.5kpa(KN/㎡)
Window to core distance: 10.35~16.2m
Electrical equipment: 120W/㎡
Office (2-4 floors) approx. 8,304㎡
Commercial (1 floor) Approx. 2,893㎡

Exhibition Center



Building features:
Exhibition Center 1F. Total area 3,011.1㎡. Floor height approx. 9m
Exhibition Center 2F. Total area 2,974.73㎡. Floor height approx. 8m