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Technology Empowers Smart Living | Colliers Helps Xinhua Star Build a High-Powered Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Gathering Place


Technology Empowers Smart Living | Colliers Helps Xinhua Star Build a High-Powered Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Gathering Place


Recently, Colliers, with its sensitivity to the local commercial real estate market and professional service experience, was successfully appointed as the exclusive investment agent for the Xinhua Star Tower B project. Colliers will help the owner to build an AI-enabled industrial cluster and a characteristic benchmark building for the new economic headquarters Bailuwan New Economy Headquarter Base in Jinjiang District, Chengdu.

Xinhua Star Tower B


The project is located on Sanse Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. It occupies the core location of the new economic headquarters function area in Bailuwan New Economy Headquarter functional area, and resides on the beautiful Jinjiang River.

1、Outer beauty

The project has 45 floors and is over 180 meters high. The exterior of the building is designed based on the image of Shu Shan, and the triangular plan layout provides a large viewing surface of the Jinjiang River.

The lighting of the exterior of the building is designed based on the concept of "Tower of Exploration", and the night lighting project has been widely recognized in the industry.



2、Inner beauty

Seize the high point of AI development and focus on industrial clusters.

The project occupies the core location in the Bailuwan New Economy Headquarter functional area, which is an important part of Chengdu's new economic construction. The functional area is striving to build a digital new city on the east bank of Jinjiang River, with great potential for regional development and strong potential for both business and industrial development.

The overall positioning of Xinhua Star is in the Chengdu National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation Development Pilot Zone and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Pioneer Zone.


3、Solid foundation

Empowered by the advantages, we have made every effort to construct AI application landing scenarios.

The Bailuwan New Economy Headquarter functional area continues the traditional advantages of the business center in Jinjiang District, but also carries on the forward-looking deployment of new economic development.


Bailuwan New Economy Headquarter functional area

As a key project in the region, Xinhua Star can be more targeted in obtaining relevant policy support, attracting investments, and supporting services. Innovative technology projects can be quickly broken through industrial alliances and gatherings. Under the mode of "industry + service + operation", Xinhua Star will surely accelerate the healthy growth of the resident enterprises.



4、Well-equipped supporting facilities

The project creates a gradient cultivation carrier and utilizes precise service support.


The plan for floors 07 to 38 are to use the AI Industry Incubation Center and the AI Industry Development Accelerator as the gradient cultivation carriers, focusing on the high-capacity projects in the fields of smart business, smart finance, smart media, smart medical services, smart life, and more. This is all to introduce and cultivate a large number of head enterprises with core competitiveness.

The plan for floors 02 to 07 are to build a domestic first-class artificial intelligence entrepreneurial service support system and a leading comprehensive service center for enterprises in the West. It contains: online + offline integrated AI building service center (intervening in three major service contents such as government science and technology services, government docking consultation and public services), Xinhua Group Publishing Museum, shared restaurants, shared conference centers, enterprise service area, multi-functional leisure area, entrepreneurship cafe, public meeting rooms, talent assessment rooms, sleep pods, a gym, and more.

Basic Parameters


With the mission of recreating an industrial Jinjiang, Colliers will make full use of its rich global client resources to integrate and develop effective marketing strategies, while also targeting high-capacity projects in the fields of smart business, smart finance, smart media, smart medical, smart life and other industries. We will demonstrate our professional investment service capabilities to help Jinjiang District build a new digital city fully integrating "people, city and industry”  on the east bank of Jinjiang.

                                                                                                                  —— Keng Geng, Managing Director | Southwestern China


Xinhua Star is not only located in a superior area with convenient transportation, but it also has perfect living and education facilities. The ecological advantages uniquely crown the central city, which provides unparalleled environmental advantages for innovation, technology research and development. It is bound to become another bright business card for Jinjiang District. With its rich experience in investment promotion, Colliers will provide efficient leasing strategies and planning for its clients. We believe that through the efforts of Colliers, Xinhua Star will better achieve the vision of attracting quality teams, building benchmark brands and helping enterprises to develop well.

                                                                                                                  —— Panny Pan, Senior Director, Office Services | Southwestern China

Xinhua Star is located in a district where production, living and ecological functions are laid out in a “park city” concept, as it has the unique advantages of ecological environment and business environment. As a high-quality partner, Colliers is confident to help Xinhua Star and Jinjiang District attract more new economic enterprises, talents, and organizations to invest and prosper in Jinjiang District.

                                                                                                                  —— Terry Wang, Associate Director, Business Integration & Development | Southwestern China