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Case Study | Coloplast new office lease

Case Study | Coloplast new office lease


Coloplast is a medical care supplies development, production, and sales enterprise. Its business scope includes the wholesale and retail of medical sanitary materials and dressings, medical polymer materials, etc.




  • The aging population leads to a high demand for companies such as Coloplast in the market. The client urgently needs to expand into the Chinese market, resulting in a tight relocation schedule
  • Affected by the pandemic, client’s budget was lower than the market, but the area demand was still high

Strategy / Services

  • We chose the building that comes with renovations to match client’s needs, and dynamically understood the mindset of landlords to accelerate relocation.
  • Affected by the pandemic, the market has high vacancy rates. We took advantage of low rent prices in recent years to help client meet the budgetary needs.


  • Helped the client take advantage of low market rent prices to successfully obtain low rates
  • Secured favorable conditions for renewal, giving the client more options
  • Worked with the workplace team to assist the client with the internal communications

Reference Letter

Client: Coloplast
City: Beijing
Transaction Date: July 2021
Property: Oriental Financial Center
Site Area: 2,400 sqm gross
Deal Type: Relocation