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Empowering Value Heights - Colliers Helps Shimen North City Write a New Chapter of Living on the Banks of the Taiping River


Empowering Value Heights - Colliers Helps Shimen North City Write a New Chapter of Living on the Banks of the Taiping River

With its long-term vision, forward-looking service concept and international property management concept, Colliers will empower Shimen’s mid to high-end property ownership, create a high-quality residential card, and help Peninsula Mansion write a new chapter of livability on the banks of the Taiping River in Shimen.


Taiping River The Leader’s House Ecological realm Livable and permanent property

The Peninsula Mansion project is Shijiazhuang Beicheng Real Estate’s first pure townhouse waterscape luxury work which is dedicated to the era of livability in Shimen and represents the standard of the demand for medium and high-end projects for Shimen home buyers. It is a property which causes one to call back to the true ideals of lives.


The Peninsula Mansion is located on Shengli Street, adjacent to the south bank of Taiping River, covering an area of about 260 mu. The project combines the urban waterfront green landscape belt with a Spanish architectural style, and joins the internal landscape of the community with the riverbank landscape to the maximum extent, highlighting the landscape described as "flowers in three seasons and green in four seasons.” The unique view from the water landscape light elevator, humanized layout of the mansion space and large scale terrace design creates the central living circle in the north of the city. The project has modern living facilities, nearly 30,000 square meters of Spanish-style commercial area, a clubhouse, business apartments, and theme hotels for Shijiazhuang people to open up a water-friendly life and residence.


A river is most precious to create a waterfront life

The project is located near the south bank of Taiping River, only 90 meters away, with a golden waterfront along the Taiping River and close to the Hutuo River Forest Park, the largest urban forest park in the north.


Based on the Taiping River, Peninsula Mansion is making every effort to create a sample of waterfront living. In order to provide owners with places for leisure, fitness and entertainment, a 7,000-square-meters Peninsula Mist Park was built along the Taiping River on the north side of the Peninsula Mansion community. The park consists of an ecological corridor with viewing platforms, fitness trails, walking paths, standard basketball courts and intelligent aerobic promenades so residents and visitors can enjoy the poetic and healthy life along the riverbank. At the same time, many ecological and humanistic resources such as Hutuo River Ecological Park and Zhengding Old Town gather around the project, creating a model of ecological livability along the Taiping River.


Colorful Businesses Opens an Abundant Life

Empowering the future life of the city, Peninsula Mansion carries out the planning and layout of community facilities with high standards. To facilitate the life of community residents, build business popularity and promote regional prosperity, Peninsula Mansion promotes the construction of an all-age and all-dimensional community system, creating a five-minute living circle and building a city of happiness. The comprehensive service facilities integrating commercial, cultural, sports, health, education and other functions provide residents with one-stop services for a number of essential functions.



Embrace the river development and lead the value heights

In 2021, the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, "developing to the north and embracing the river" has become the main direction of Shijiazhuang's urban development, and it focuses on creating the Hutuo River Ecological Economic Zone. For the development direction of the Hutuo River plate, there is also a clear positioning in the 14th Five-Year Plan. In this key plan to determine the construction of the next five years, Shijiazhuang will focus on the area around the Hutuo River to promote ecological tourism, the industrial economy, and integrated development.


In the pattern of embracing river development, Peninsula Mansion follows the city's development positioning, seizes the opportunity of Hutuo River ecological economic belt construction, benchmarks the city's development blueprint, and promotes high-quality development in the area. With the accelerated rise and continuous development of the value of the area, its traffic, ecology, humanities, livability and other resources which converge here, its own efforts will accelerate the construction of a modern international provincial capital city.


"Double first-class" system for the future of the elite

Shijiazhuang Beicheng Real Estate, which had its foundation in education, has always adhered to the highest standard of schooling. Jinliulin Foreign Language School, located next to Peninsula Residence, is a nine-year foreign language school with north and south campuses, and was established more than ten years ago. Since its establishment, Jinliulin Foreign Language School has made one impressive achievement after another in the construction of "double first-class” and has been the top first-class school in the eyes of Shimen people.



The developer's approach to the Peninsula Mansion shows us the attitude of a developer with vision and a sense of responsibility, and we hope that Colliers will broaden its professional vision and bring more professional services to the Peninsula Residence.

                                                            -- Cyrus Zheng, Executive Director, Property and Asset Management Services, Colliers | Northern China


If a comfortable and pleasant living environment is an important part of a quality residence, then a dignified and attentive property service is another profile of a quality residence. Both the developer and our firm are deeply aware of this, and we are committed to refining our property services to every level and every aspect of the owners' lives so that every owner can enjoy the most prestigious services.

                                                            -- Hongyue Wang, Director, Property and Asset Management Services, Colliers | Northern China


The philosophy and vision of Collier's for property services align well with that of the developerwe are very happy to have this opportunity to work together and we hope that Colliers’ help will make the Peninsula Mansion project the most exciting business card of Shimon and the pinnacle of human living.

                                                            -- Phoenix Wang, Marketing Manager, Property and Asset Management Services, Colliers |Northern China