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Grand Opening | Colliers Helps Xingchuang Olympjoy-Dingxiang Town to Excellent Opening


Grand Opening | Colliers Helps Xingchuang Olympjoy-Dingxiang Town to Excellent Opening

With its forward-looking service concept and rich project management experience, Colliers introduces international property management concepts and creates a tailor-made property and asset management model. Through in-depth consultation, Colliers gives projects new functions and realizes project value preservation. This project will help Xingchuang Olympjoy - Dingciang Town to become an international snow resort town in Northeast China.


Ecological Adherence to the Purest Snow Resort

Premium snow-themed cultural tourism town, renewing the title for the big city lake

Dingxiang Lake, the largest lake in the city of Shenyang, is the city's innermost connection to nature, opening its beautiful embrace to the people of the city and the surrounding province all year round. It attracts 3 million visitors annually. The arrival of Xingchuang Olympjoy - Dingxiang Town will crown Dingxiang Lake with high-end ice and snow facilities.


A Strong Alliance with a Happy Meeting In Dingxiang

Beijing Xingchuang joins hands with AST Olympjoy to delight Shenyang with global experience

Beijing Xingchuang—a powerful state-owned enterprise—and Austria's AST Olympjoy—the world's top ice and snow technology and operation service provider—join together with more than 20 years of experience in 10 ice and snow cultural projects in eight Chinese cities. As a team, they will build an international ice and snow resort town in Northeast China which will open a new era of professional promotion for Shenyang's ice and snow industry.



Vacation in the City, Live in a Dream

Four seasons carnival/competitive ice hockey, curling pavilion/magic theme shopping street

Xingchuang Olympjoy - Dingxiang Town will be located on the second ring road, right on the shore of Clove Lake and only a five-minute walk to Clove Lake Station of Metro Line 10. The town will be built to integrate winter sports, urban leisure, and multi-functional residential facilities in order to open the next level of growth for the city in the name of health, nature, leisure and sports.


Four Seasons Urban Ice and Snow Carnival



Magic theme shopping street



Outdoor Sports Park