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Case Study | Jumei new office lease

Case Study | Jumei new office lease


Jumei is trusted by millions of users as China‘s largest online cosmetics flash sale mall. Jumei is dedicated to creating a simple, fun and trustworthy cosmetics shopping experience and providing users with smarter, more convenient and more intimate services. Today Jumei has grown into a diversified fashion technology group, with its business scope gradually expanding to include shared power charging, film and TV drama production, smart hardware and other fields.



  • High client stability, over 10 years in the current building, enjoys a large logo for independent display; the landlord promises a lower renewal price.
  • High demand for building quality, traffic, facilities and quality of tenants in the building.
  • Cost sensitive and requires upper floors.
  • Special RV parking space is required.


  • Screening a full range of projects in different regions through a variety of parameters, and accompanying clients on site visits to select final target regions and alternative projects.
  • Combining different negotiation strategies and accounting for factors such as the pandemic, we were able to secure an extremely competitive rent and a rent-free period for the client in the upper floors of the project.
  • At the same time, we persuaded the owner to allocate a separate area to provide exclusive parking spaces for the client owner.


  • Successfully helped clients relocate to a high-quality work space that integrates office, recreation, leisure and entertainment.
  • Successfully contracted vacant space in the upper floors for the same price as the lower floors.
  • Secured benefits such as short term renewal and no required restoration for lease withdrawal.
  • Signing of contracts accomplished during the pandemic.

Client Name:
City: Beijing
Date of Sale: May 2021
Building Name: Ping An Financial Center
Area: 2310 sqm meters
Transaction Type: New Lease