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High-Tech at a Glance at 350 Meters! Colliers Service Expertise in Supporting Super High-rise!


High-Tech at a Glance at 350 Meters! Colliers Service Expertise in Supporting Super High-rise!

Recently, Colliers was officially appointed by Wanda Xi'an to provide preliminary property consultancy services for Wanda Xi'an-One1, a super high-rise, with its rich experience in super high-rise services and excellent professional service teams across China.


350m Vertical Complex Coming to Market

After 33 years (founded in 1988), Wanda Group has formed four major industrial groups: commerce, culture, real estate, and finance. Wanda has created one urban center after another, and is globally renowned for its commercial real estate operation capabilities.



After more than 30 years of development, the core area of the Xi'an High-Tech Zone has almost completed development. The Wanda Xi'an-one Project is located in the Mutasi Area, which is the last valuable piece of land in the Golden Triangle. The Wanda Xi'an-one Project, as the first domestic masterpiece of Wanda's one-series products, officially settled in the Xi'an High-tech Muta Temple Area in 2016 and is the fifth project of Wanda in Xi'an. The whole project covers a total area of 380 mu, with a total construction area of 1.7 million square meters, and a total investment of approximately 20 billion yuan. It combines five major urban functions, including international shopping centers, a super high-rise landmark, urban park luxury residences, high-end apartments, and fashionable commercial streets, to create a world-class urban complex and central business living area leading Xi'an and radiating northwest.


In the planning of Lot 1 of the project, Colliers, with the technical support of the China Super Tall Technical Committee, was involved in the property design evaluation of the project in the form of dual teams from Central and Northwestern China in the areas of traffic flow planning, space planning, mechanical and electrical system design planning, intelligent system planning and other related services. These teams worked from the perspective of post-project operations to provide design advice and suggestions that meet the needs of business management, the convenience of asset management, and the product demand of target customers. We provide design advice and suggestions to optimize the investment of the project, reduce the renovation cost due to later leasing/operating needs, and create products that meet the market; thus, we can improve the sales/investment conditions of the project, enhancing the status of the project in the high-tech zone building economy to ensure the satisfaction of its later use and optimize its benefits.

Skyscrapers have huge and complex hardware systems, vertical traffic, safety and fire prevention measures, crowd management, green environment considerations, and many more complexities that all bring many challenges to their operation. Colliers integrates the management service concept of super skyscrapers with the management needs of owners to help realize the future asset appreciation and sustainable operation of the project.


Wanda ONE is Included in Colliers’s Super High-Rise Service Map


This project is a new milestone in the cooperation between Wanda Group and Colliers, marking Wanda's recognition of Colliers’s status as a super high-rise property expert. Our past service experience, capability and attention to super high-rise cases are our own strengths, combined with our capability to identify project pain points, feature analysis and superb teamwork, all working together as keys to win the project. In the future, we are confident to help Wanda develop landmark projects in Xi'an.

                                                                                                —— Elton Dong, Managing Director, Property and Asset Management Services | China


Colliers was recognized by Wanda Group and honored to be the pre-property consultant partner of the project based on our professional operation capability, awareness of the electromechanical systems, and profound appreciation of the Wanda Xi'an-One project. In designing a building, we integrate concepts such as vertical community dichotomy and sharing, normalized epidemic prevention and protection, green building and property management, and big data platforms to improve operational efficiency along other concepts. As a result, we create benchmark products that meet the needs of the market and tenants, thereby increasing the value of projects, reducing capital management costs, and achieving green and efficient operations throughout the lifecycle of buildings.

                                                                                                ——William Lu, General Manager, Property & Asset Management Services, Colliers | Wuhan