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Colliers Helps Reshape and Upgrade Deyang's Super-Scale Commercial Project – Promoting the Development of Chengdu and Deyang as One City

Colliers Helps Reshape and Upgrade Deyang's Super-Scale Commercial Project – Promoting the Development of Chengdu and Deyang as One City

Colliers provides consultancy services for the Deyang West International Project under Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., including industrial-city research, positioning planning, and industry screening.



Deyang Western International Project Overview

The project is located in Deyang’s Jingyang District, downtown of the city.

  • Land area: 1,139 mu
  • Capacity building area: 2.16 million sqm
  • Challenges of the project: New area in a fourth-tier city / Urban renewal project / Large commercial volume / Huge inventory space / Project has been sold several times and market confidence is low


According to special studies performed by Colliers, the breakthrough methods for the pain points of the project include: the endorsement of powerful developers, the positioning of the integration of industries within the city, and the development of the area with government support. A primary factor to this is incorporating characteristic industries and urban functions as a dual drive to attract, retain and consolidate people.


By analyzing industrial trends, future planning, and the current situation of each level from a global scale to Tianyuan District in particular, it is determined that this project can construct a "3 core, 4 important and 4 secondary" productive service system (i.e., core, important and secondary industries). The core industries include vocational education, business management services and wholesale services, which will help Deyang's manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade, and achieve its goal of becoming "the heavy-duty capital of the world".


By considering the two primary factors of the city’s current situation and looking through the seven local city functions, and gaps in the city’s functionality can be derived. When compared to the project's current situation, it is suggested that the project take health care as well as education and culture as the twin engines for success, supplemented with retail consumption functions to draw attention to the new area, enhance its appeal as a premium zone and attract more customers.

Overall Positioning

Through grasping the value of both industries and the city, and building an international high-quality industrial-city integration space, the project aims to trigger the comprehensive transformation of Deyang and help it achieve industrial upgrades, leading the city as a whole to improve its overall appeal.


Project Vision

Guided by the positioning of "Industry" + "City", the project aims to become the first 2.5 Industry Demonstration Zone in the Chengdu Metropolitan Area, and a new benchmark for industry-city integration.


With the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle becoming the "Fourth Pillar" of China's economic growth plans, Deyang enjoys the favorable urban development of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle and the Chengdu-Deyang-Meishan-Ziyang Co-city Circle. The project itself is located in a new planning area with high standing, and we believe that the overall positioning of the project with our in-depth understanding and research will help the Western International Project to rejuvenate and help Deyang's industrial transformation and upgrading.

                                                ——Jim He, Director, Advisory Services | Southwestern Region