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Colliers Helps Develop a New Chapter in Western Science and Innovation Industry


Colliers Helps Develop a New Chapter in Western Science and Innovation Industry

Colliers successfully joined forces with Cambridge Industrial Development to provide property management consultancy services for the National University Science & Technology Incubation Base project.

Expanding the Territory of Yanta and Cultivating the Territory of Qujiang

The “Science and Technology Innovation Incubation Base of National University Science Park" project is an important part of the Western China Innovation Port and Xi'an Jiaotong University National University Science and Technology Park. During the implementation period the project has received widespread support from the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Development Bank of China. The project covers an area of 54.6 mu, with a construction area of 200,000 square meters, and consists of a wide view “S” type garden retreat with 5O ecological research office buildings (including 200-3500 square meters of free office space, which can be flexibly divided according to the needs of the enterprises), diversified trendy commercial areas, green energy-saving finely decorated talent apartments, and high-end business hotel. The project will create a “government + university + enterprise" innovation model, primarily for research institutes and start-ups, to promote high-growth high-tech enterprises and education technology enterprises. Through the construction of a series of R&D service platforms, business incubation areas, and other supporting facilities, it will form a comprehensive area with scientific research, office space and living services, creating a science and innovation incubation base with diverse spaces, pristine facilities and a beautiful environment.


5O Eco Office Buildings

With its rich consulting experience in industrial parks and leading management concepts, Colliers will act as the property management consultant during the construction phase of this project - building the property team and establishing standardized systems during the pre-project preparation phase, providing comprehensive property management consulting services for the owners during the daily operation phase to meet the office comfort and personalized requirements of the owners, and making it an industrial gathering place with a distinct culture and vitality.


Thanks to the professional and delicate recognition of our service team by Cambridge Industrial Development, the owner has always maintained property management excellence, and with the innovation of development technology we have also been able to implement a set of intelligent management suggestions for the project. After several communications and discussions the two sides shared a common vision for the management of the project. Colliers’ pursuit of service quality has never stopped, and we are confident to help the National University Science & Technology Incubation Base become a benchmark park in Yanta.


                             ——Elton Dong, Managing Director, Property and Asset Management Services, Colliers | China


Colliers Property & Asset Management Department has well analyzed the needs of our clients while taking into account the current market situation, strategically positioning the future property services of the project, tailoring the property management systems for our clients to make sure they stand out from the crowd of competitors. We not only encourage to create a distinct and high-quality property system for the owners, but also to create a humanistic, warm and energetic ecological business environment in terms of soft services, striving to provide an unforgettable experience for the resident enterprises. We aim to develop the project into an unique landmark park in Yanta District.


                             —— Eric Deng, Director, Property and Asset Management Services, Colliers | Xi'an Region


It is a great honor to join hands with Cambridge Industrial Development to build the National University Science & Technology Incubation Base Project. The Xi’an property consulting team of Colliers has been operating the project from a professional manager's perspective to enhance the quality of the project, which has won the favor of many clients. In the future, we will spare no effort to help our clients and strive to jointly build quality park projects in the Qujiang QCIC area and Yanta.


                                    ——Dean Zhang, Operations Manager, Property and Asset Management Services, Colliers | Xi'an Region