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The First Stop of the "Qianhai Model" Inland - Colliers Helps to Build a New Financial Industry Cluster in Xi'an


The First Stop of the "Qianhai Model" Inland - Colliers Helps to Build a New Financial Industry Cluster in Xi'an

With its rich experience in industrial park management and excellent professional service team, Colliers was officially appointed by Xi’an High-tech Financial Holdings Group (Xi'an High-tech Unicorn Base Development Co., Ltd.) to provide preliminary property consultancy services for Silk Road (Xi'an) Qianhai Park.

Silk Road (Xi'an) Qianhai Park



Helping to Build the First Inland "Qianhai Model”

Silk Road (Xi'an) Qianhai Park is located in the "Future Pupil" of Phase 3 of High-Tech park, and will be an important component of the Silk Road Financial Core Area. It will be an important part of the Silk Road Financial Core Zone, which will be built by High-tech Financial Holdings and Qianhai Financial Holdings of Shenzhen. The park covers an area of 106 acres, with a total construction area of 325,000 square meters and a total investment of approximately 2.5 billion yuan. The project will be a modern, intelligent and low volume rate high-quality park with a collection of courtyards, stacked areas, garden office space, a high-end exhibition center, boutique hotel and underground theme businesses. The initial goal is to gradually introduce 130 private equity investment institutions and 10 supply chain finance licensees, developing the park into a new center of financial openness “hand-in-hand with Qianhai, connected with international services, and serving the Silk Road".


With its rich experience in life-cycle services, Colliers provided professional services and advice to the project from three different perspectives: property owner, manager and user, according to the design characteristics and future operation concepts of Silk Road (Xi'an) Qianhai Park. The team of Property and Asset Management Department will make constructive optimization proposals on the overall layout, traffic flow planning, space utilization, mechanical and electrical configuration, equipment selection and building intelligence of the project, and the establishment of property teams in order to build the quality and service management systems of the future landmark project.


As a professional service provider in the field of industrial real estate in China, Colliers has always paid attention to and witnessed the industrial development of Xi'an. With the robust performance of Xi'an Industrial Park, Colliers has been recognized by the owners for its excellent quality services and forward-looking concepts in the property management of the project, with delicate professional analysis and discussion of the owners' future needs in asset management and operations. For this reason, both parties will work together to start a new journey for Silk Road Qianhai Park.



We are honored to have Colliers join hands with High-tech Financial Holdings to help Silk Road (Xi'an) Qianhai Park become a new center of financial operations and to facilitate Xi'an's deep integration into the "Belt and Road" program, accelerating the formation of a new pattern for western development. We expect the Consulting Service Department to make more contributions to the market positioning, market competition and product strategy of the project, and the Office Service Department to provide effective management strategies for the investment and operation of the project, so that both parties can achieve a win-win scenario and build a city together with excellent service quality and forward-looking industry concepts.

                                                                                —— Lily Li, Director, Colliers | Northwestern China


It is an honor for Colliers to cooperate with High-tech Financial Holdings. This project will carry the mission of economic restructuring and industrial upgrading in this important "Belt and Road" region, and should be operated with a new asset management mindset instead of a traditional property management one. It should also be considered from a broader perspective of the future role of the project as a leader for the regional economy, the brand development of the project, and how to turn it into a valuable asset. To this end, Colliers will integrate more service considerations, and expert teams in park management from around the world will gather to provide comprehensive services.

                                                                                —— Elton Dong, Managing Director, Property and Asset Management Services | China


It’s a pleasure to be appointed by High-tech Financial Holdings as the property management consulting agency for Silk Road (Xi'an) Qianhai Park. We look forward to the promotion and development of this project using our professional advantages and creating a landmark project in not only the high-tech zone but in Xi'an as a whole. We will not only provide tailor-made solutions for the characteristics of this park, but also help to build a new financial industry gathering place.

                                                                                —— Eric Deng, Director, Property & Asset Management Services | Xi'an Region