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Zip Zhang

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Professional Summary

I joined E-ju in 2018. After two years of working experience, I have mastered the ability of report writing and real estate market research. Then I joined Zhengshi holdings, responsible for the feasibility study of old villages. Now I join Colliers , responsible for the positioning of commercial real estate(自2018年入职易居企业集团,经过两年的工作历练,掌握报告撰写能力及房地产市场研究能力,等,之后入职正势控股,负责旧村的可行性研究,现加入高力国际,负责商业地产的定位工作)


Multi property types, involving residential, commercial complex, cultural and tourism real estate, etc., specializing in market research, concept packaging, planning and layout, architectural design, etc(多个物业类型,涉及住宅、商业综合体、文旅地产等多个类型,专攻市场调研、概念包装、规划强排、建筑设计等方面)

  1. Taishan Wanda(台山万达)
  2. Zhuhai Jiuzhou Bay(珠海九洲湾)
  3. Tangxi railway station(棠溪火车站)


Bachelor of management(School of Public Administration)Guangdong University of Finance and Economics(Guangzhou China)

广东财经大学 管理学士


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