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Tingting Gao

Quality Control Manager

Real Estate Management Services

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Professional Summary

1. Property services

(1) Responsible for all management services of the property department, keep abreast of the relevant work of property management, and formulate corresponding measures for supervision and coordination.

(2) Coordinate the various departments of the management office to deal with the complaints of the owners in a timely manner, make timely decisions on emergency emergencies, and properly handle them. Responsible for outreach of government agencies and local units related to the work of this department.

(3) Organize employees in the department to conduct training to understand and grasp the ideological status of the employees in the department, improve the team spirit, professionalism, service awareness, professional ethics and sense of responsibility of the company.

(4) Responsible for formulating the annual work plan of the department, reviewing the monthly and weekly work plan of the department, formulating the year-end summary of the department and the annual financial budget.

(5) Inspect the building from time to time to check for problems in sanitation, renting, killing, equipment, facilities, etc., and promptly notify the relevant departments to resolve.

2. Quality management

(1)Responsible for organizing the company's projects and functional departments to compile operating documents in accordance with the guidance of the company's headquarters, and to supervise and inspect the implementation of the system.

(2)Responsible for the organization and implementation of internal audit and related rectification verification, external review and other work within the scope covered by the standard system.

(3) Responsible for assisting managers' representatives and general managers to conduct regular management reviews and follow-up verification of corrective and preventive measures after the review.

(4) Responsible for analyzing the completion of the quality indicators of each service center (such as customer service, engineering, security, cleaning, green maintenance and other quality inspection qualification rates, owner satisfaction rates, complaint handling qualification rates, quality accidents and rectification measures, etc.) Assessment.

(5)According to the company's customer service, security, cleaning, greening maintenance, house equipment maintenance and other implementation conditions, the service standards and operating standards are improved, supplemented, modified and adjusted, and given guidance and supervision.


1. More than ten years of ISO system certification work experience.

2. Participate in and complete the three-level assessment of safety in production in Beijing.

3. Participate in and complete the work of Beijing Outstanding Demonstration Building.

4. Participate in and complete the five-star excellent demonstration building.

5. Participate in and complete various internal audit evaluations.


Renmin University of China      Journalism     Undergraduate


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Real Estate Management Services

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