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Penny Du

Senior Manager

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Professional Summary

  • 10 years of working experience in real estate, with rich experience in early land acquisition and positioning of real estate, including  commercial land, residential land, cultural and tourism land, logistics and warehousing land and comprehensive land;
  • Own strategic perspective, specializing in strategic planning and industrial research of new industrial cities;
  • Strong logical thinking, quick response, strong learning ability, strong report writing ability, high efficiency, strong external communication ability;
  • Good communication skills and teamwork skills, as well as perfect personal ability;


  • Chengdu · Gazelle Valley Area Business Planning Project -- Based on the development status of Chengdu Tiexuangsi Area and taking "digital media + digital technology" as the industrial foundation, the region will be built into the digital technology development highland of Chengdu.
  • Chengdu Qingsong Wetland · Chengdu TV Station Project -- Based on the financial media resources of Chengdu TV Station and combined with the policy guidance of Tianfu New District government for Qingsong Wetland Area, the fourth city of digital media is built.
  • Huaxia Happiness · Hubei Xiantao Industrial New Town Project -- Combined with the urban positioning of Wuhan and Xiantao, the strategic planning of the 238 square kilometers eastern new town of Xiantao is carried out.
  • China Fortune Land Development · Shaanxi Jingyang Huaxia Happiness Industrial New Town Project -- Fully relying on the regional resource advantages and industrial advantages of the airport, and giving play to the geographical cultural characteristics of Guanzhong, it will build an industrial new town integrating elements such as Fu Tea, Silk Road and Guanzhong granary.
  • Shaanxi · Jingyang Jinghe Ecological Area Conceptual Planning -- Conceptual planning and building of an ecological area of about 75 square kilometers around Jingyang Jinghe River, including but not limited to the millennium water conservancy sites, characteristic rural settlements, idyllic scenery, Jingyang New City, etc.
  • Chongqing ·VTP Amusement Park Project -- Re-planning and positioning Chongqing Amusement Park, introducing a well-known foreign air entertainment brand -- VTP, and combining the Ferris Wheel landscape, to create a new landmark of Chongqing entertainment.
  • Hangzhou · Xiaoshan District Ecological New City Project -- the overall strategic planning and conceptual planning of nearly 12,000 mu of land in the three rivers of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, to build high-tech environmental protection industry and the tertiary industry dominated by tourism, cultural and creative industries.
  • Conceptual Master Planning of Heizhugou Scenic Spot in Sichuan -- Make full use of the "spring water, camellia, geomagnetic and hot spring" in the scenic spot to comb and re-plan the existing scenic spot resources of Heizhugou to help it strive for the national 5A level scenic spot.
  • OCT Yibin Wine Culture Characteristic Town Conceptual Master Plan -- Combing China's long-established liquor culture, integrating Yibin's unique bamboo and camphor industry, and building China's first wine culture characteristic industrial town.
  • Conceptual Master Planning of OCT Hailuogou Performing Arts Town -- The project is close to Hailuogou Scenic Area, and based on Tibetan-Yi heritage, it will be built into a comprehensive urban micro-vacation destination that covers snow mountain recreation, artist studios, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts experience and so on.


9/2006-6/2010    Sichuan Normal University             Resource Environment and Urban and Rural Planning Management              Bachelor

9/2014-6/2017     Southwestern University of Finance and Economics             Master of Business Administration (MBA)                Master

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