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Leo Wang | Colliers | Shenyang

Leo Wang

Associate Director

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Professional Summary

I have been involved in the field of real estate engineering and property management since 96, began to enter commercial real estate in 04, specializing in commercial real estate and shopping center industry engineering property and asset management work, has served in Wuzhou, Sunshine New industry, Wanda, Yamada Denki, Fosun and other well-known enterprises,


本人96年起涉足房地产工程及物业管理领域,04年开始进入商业地产,专门从事商业地产及购物中心业态的工程物业及资产管理工作,先后服务于五洲、阳光新业、万达、Yamada Denki、复星等知名企业,


Deep ploughing property and asset Management 21, independently set up a number of outstanding teams in Shenyang, Tianjin, Nanjing and other places to prepare for the opening of large-scale commercial shopping center projects.



Bachelor of Computer Applications, Northeastern University.


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