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Leo Li | Colliers | Nanjing

Leo Li

Finance Manager

Real Estate Management Services

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Professional Summary

He has been engaged in financial work for seven years since 2014, and has worked in energy trade, manufacturing industry and property service related industries.


Cooperate with the direct leadership to complete the preliminary establishment of the organizational structure of the financial department of Shanghai collier International Property Services Co., Ltd. Jiangsu branch


From 2019 to 2021, graduated from Nanjing Zhengde vocational and technical college on June 10, 2014

Memberships & Involvements

Pan Weijie, the leader of Jiangsu Branch of Shanghai Colliers International Property Service Co., Ltd


Financial manager of Shanghai collier International Property Service Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch


In 2019, he won the honorary certificate of the most dedicated employee of Nanjing Branch of Gezhouba Property Co., Ltd


Service Lines

Real Estate Management Services

Property Type


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