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Grace Zhang | Colliers | Beijing

Grace Zhang

Senior Project Manager

Real Estate Management Services

License # Undergraduate college

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Professional Summary

17 years experience in high-end property management. Be able to organize and control all the details of the property from the early intervention to the late service and management. Be able to coordinate and establish the quality management system of the property company. Be able to cooperate with company ISO system certification and detail work. And in accordance with the requirements of the company to complete the formulation and implementation of various types of budget supervision, the various types of business objectives formulated by Achieve Inc

Deal with all kinds of emergencies



Rich experience in the field of property management services, worked in a number of large and international property management agencies. In the property system over inspection and project start-up, establish rules and regulations and on-site operation management, service promotion, project supervision, consulting and property business knowledge tr aining, can provide comprehensive and thoughtful comments and suggestions for the owners在物业管理服务领域拥有丰富的工作经验,曾就职于多家大型及国际化物业管理机构。在物业系统接管验收、项目开办、建章建制、现场运营管理、服务提升、项目监管、顾问咨询及物业业务知识培训等方面,均能为业主提供全面和周到的意见及建议。





Beijing Normal University;


Equipment and facilities management trainer


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Project Management

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