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Dennis Gao | Colliers | Shanghai

Dennis Gao

Senior Associate Director

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Professional Summary

In 2008 to join the colliers international, professional experience in the real estate market, in charge of the rental agent and participate in the suzhou office work.
Excellent commercial real estate sales skills, be affinity with customer to communicate, with the best service to every customer.
Professional understanding and coordination ability, be familiar with the process of commercial real estate development and sales, and a line of commercial real estate laws and regulations, Have professional knowledge background and real estate data, won every colliers international customer's trust.


In 2009,responsible for harmony times square project,import a company with 1000 square metre.


Graduate school: university of Bei Hua 
Time period: in September 2002 - June 2006
Major categories: tourism management
                          (economic management)


"A large number of local and national developers, investors, contractors, tenants and advisers"

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