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Cherry Zhang | Colliers | Beijing

Cherry Zhang

Marketing Assistant

Real Estate Management Services

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Professional Summary

1. 2019-至今,物业及资产管理服务部门,担任市场助理一职,负责协助部门同事商务拓展。

1. 2019-At present, the Real Estate Management Services as a market assistant and is responsible for assisting colleagues in business development.

2. 2018-2019 ,融创中国 ,担任集团行政专员一职,负责部门及集团费用管控,高管会议接待,员工福利。

2. 2018-2019, Sunac China, Served as the group administrative commissioner, responsible for department and group expense control, executive meeting reception, and employee welfare.



Able to participate in all aspects of project bidding with colleagues throughout the entire process, from initial customer contact and project investigation, to later bidding and bid evaluation, successfully winning multi-format projects.


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Real Estate Management Services

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