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Bobbie Liu | Colliers | Beijing

Bobbie Liu

Senior Project Manager

Real Estate Management Services

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Professional Summary

       本人拥有20年物业安全管理经验,负责全面主持5A级写字楼、总部办公大楼、高档公寓、商场及大型商业综合体业态项目的安全管理工作,曾担任SOHO中国安全评估专家、侨福芳草地项目安全顾问,大中华区专职安全培训讲师。1992年—1999年 在北京京广中心酒店,建国饭店,华润酒店担任礼宾主管,具有良好的酒店管理服务经验,得到了入住客人的高度赞许。2000年—2017年 在盛福大厦,中环世贸、西单商场担任楼宇经理,对商业综合体的管理工作及物业服务有着自己独道的建解,同时能够对商场各商户宣传进行统一筹划及做好相应支持。

I have 20 years of experience in property safety management. I am in charge of the overall safety management of 5A office buildings, headquarters office buildings, high-end apartments, shopping malls and large-scale commercial complex projects. I have been SOHO China security assessment expert, safety consultant of Parkview Green Project, and full-time safety training lecturer in Greater China. From 1992 to 1999, served as the chief concierge in Beijing Jingguang Center Hotel, Jianguo Hotel and China Resources Hotel. With good experience in hotel management and service, he was highly praised by the guests. From 2000 to 2017, I worked as the building manager in Shengfu Building, Central World Trade Center and Xidan Shopping Mall. I had my own way of construction for the management of commercial complex and property services, and I was able to make unified planning and corresponding support for the promotion of all shops in the shopping mall.



I used to be SOHO China Security Assessment expert, safety consultant of Parkview Green Project, and professional safety training lecturer in Greater China. Now the senior project Manager of Colliers International Property and Asset Management Services.


北京经济技术研修学院   工商企业管理  本科

Beijing Institute of Economics and Technology    Business administration   Undergraduate

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