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Project Management

Delivering on-time, on-budget projects that accelerate the success of your business.

Our real estate project management experts leverage their deep industry-specific expertise, as well as the most cutting-edge best practices and technologies, to deliver on-time, on-budget projects that accelerate the success of your business.

Our multi-disciplinary team of regional and global professionals are diverse, agile and dedicated to delivering solutions for a group or all ongoing projects.

With expertise in architecture, engineering, construction, facilities planning, building commissioning, operations and financial management, we work as an extension of your team and advocate on your behalf.


Local team becomes immersed in clients’ culture, strategy and nuances: 

  • Facilitate alignment of project goals from local to global
  • True project leadership of the assignment, as advocates for our clients, not simply facilitating and reporting processes

Following client process:

  • Implementing standard forms & templates
  • Leveraging technology solutions
  • Utilizing KPI’s & SLA’s

Through our globally integrated team, we manage your time, control cost, align expectations, ensure quality and mitigate risk.

Leading and co-ordinating a building project throughout its life cycle:

  • Delivering quality, accountability, risk mitigation and budget performance outcomes for the project
  • Structured and consistent approach to project implementation utilising proven delivery playbooks
  • Proven methodology to ensure seamless integration between workplace strategy, transaction delivery and project

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