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Facility Management

Colliers provides a comprehensive suite of integrated facility management services. They are customized to the specific and unique needs of your organization. Our services all support one goal: maximizing the potential of your property and facilities. At Colliers, we believe the benefits of outsourcing your facilities management are endless - you’re able to save money, streamline facility operations and access our best practices. This removes the burden on your organization’s leaders, allowing them to focus on your core business. It ensures adherence to safety and regulatory standards, provides robust training and development tools, delivers consistency in services and processes across your portfolio of facilities and typically results in elevated levels of employee and occupant satisfaction.

As with all our offerings, Colliers Facility Management is customized to each client’s unique needs. Our experts work alongside you to help determine which services are crucial to improving the working environment and increasing the productivity of your organization’s core functions. They are related with overall day-to-day supervision and management of all activities, needed for the proper functioning of the property and may include:

Technical maintenance & repairs
Cleaning services
Security services
Reception services

To learn more about how our facility support services can help you achieve the maximum of your property, contact us.