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Varna Mall - #1


Varna Mall features an excellent location, space, visibility and accessibility by both public and private transportation. It is part of an established shopping zone of the city, which includes a Kaufland hypermarket. Varna Mall is located in the heart of the city on the intersection of the two main boulevards - Vladislav Varnenchik and Hristo Smirnenski.


Varna Mall was opened in 2008 and is known as one of the most popular shopping centers and entertainment destinations in Varna city and the region. In 2018 Varna Mall started a large-scale repositioning and renovation process which will entirely modernize the shopping center in terms of design and architecture, overall atmosphere and tenant mix. The new concept of Varna Mall will offer to the citizens and guests of Varna the coolest place to be, where people meet, eat, relax, work, rest, play…and shop… A community venue full of services, new shops and offices in order to promote wellbeing and lifestyle activities.


Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД) is one of the most visited shopping centers in Varna and the region, providing diverse opportunities for leisure, shopping and entertainment suitable for every age group.