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Plovdiv Plaza - #1


Plovdiv Plaza is situated on 3, D-r Georgi Stranski Street, between two main boulevards – Sankt Peterburg and Osvobojdenie. It is just 2 km from the center and in close proximity to Plovdiv’s biggest neighbourhood – Trakia. The mall contributes to a very well established retail hub, comprising Metro Cash & Carry, JYSK, Zora, Domko, Technopolis. The location is easily accessible by means of public and private transport.


PLOVDIV PLAZA is the biggest and the most modern shopping center in Plovdiv. Distributed on the 3 levels, you can find a variety of modern shops of leading international and Bulgarian brands, places for dining and attractions for children and adults, as well as for the whole family. There are various places for dining, as well as a children’s center, located on the second level. The pleasant atmosphere in the dining places is supplemented by large terraces on the east, south and west side of the building. For the extreme experiences’ lovers, there is a detached area in the West Atrium with bungee trampolines and walls for climbing for both, children and adults.