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Find the right space for your business

Occupier and Tenant Representation

Colliers will help tenants by implementing and defending their interests during ‘stay or leave’ decision making or (re)negotiation of a lease. With an integrated approach at both strategic and operational levels, we will lead your project, delivering optimum results. Our methodology is founded on more than 25 years in the Belgium real estate market.

Our process includes:

  • Assist in determining your needs in terms of space, finance, contract, location and time
  • Address your need to the real estate market in an intelligent way
  • Study (technically) and select the best offers
  • Set up a negotiation strategy
  • Assist the tenant legally
  • Take possession of the premises

Don't forget to factor in any tenant improvement costs, which might include retaining a workplace designer, construction costs, utility expenses, essential infrastructure investments as well as furniture, fixture and equipment expenditures. Some other costs to consider include legal fees, costs associated with concluding your current lease and any 'make good' obligations to return your existing space to its original state. Our fees are all detailed and explained at each stage of the project to fulfill an essential condition of our collaboration: transparency.

They trusted us


JDE sold their historical site in Grimbergen and wanted to find the best location for their business. Colliers conducted a stay or leave analysis comparing the existing location to a number of other options that met JDE’s selection criteria. They decided to choose for a new location close the existing one so employee commuting time remained the same. Colliers assisted JDE through the selection and negotiation process resulting in good financial condition and a timely move to the new space which was designed and built by Colliers as well.


Facing the end of the lease contract, Ingenico wanted to conduct a stay or leave analysis and review their office concept. Colliers assisted them in defining the new office concept in line with the agile way of working of some teams. This led to the exact determination of the program of requirements. Colliers selected a number of options on the market that reflected the fintech image Ingenico wanted to convey. They decided to move to Corporate Village. Colliers did testfits to determine the exact surface to let and negotiated the best possible financial deal.

Bell 40_300x181


After several years in the same building the lease costs of WindEurope had risen above market conditions. The technical quality of the building was no longer up to standard either. Colliers advised on the search of new location in the same area where they were currently located. They decided to relocate to the brand new Belliard40 building. Colliers negotiated the lease contract and realized considerable savings compared to the initial proposals.