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Change Management

Mobilizing people to deliver results

We set the pace of transformation


The success of a real estate project depends to a large extent on the involvement and support of your employees.


Your employees are your company's most important asset and the transformation of their work environment has a direct impact on them. Effectively managing the people side of the change is crucial in achieving the expected outcomes of your initiative. Integrating a change management approach to your project will drive acceptance, adoption and utilization of the new working methods, processes and expected behaviours that are linked to your new work environment.


We believe in a holistic approach of change in which all phases of the process are given the right amount of focus. A first diagnostic phase will help us identify the context, boundaries and main impacts of the change in order to provide you with a tailored change management plan based on your specific needs.


Our expertise


Our team of coaches, consultants, HWoW specialists, human resources and change management experts bring together diverse and complementary skills. Mastering various consulting techniques, they work together at your service in a participative, co-creative and entrepreneurial spirit to support you in your workplace transformation projects.


Our change management approach is based on the ADKAR® model. This method provides a structured approach for supporting the individuals and teams in making a successful transition towards their new working environment and aims for a participative approach.


After an initial key strategic phase that will lead to a detailed impact plan and a change management strategy, our experts will help you roll out the programme, from the start of your project until the move. Our objective is to give meaning so that everyone adheres to the project and appropriates the new ways of working, the spaces and their uses. Our experts’ support doesn’t stop after the move. It is indeed for us essential to assess the effectiveness of the changes implemented in the new work environment and make sure they contribute to a positive employee experience.

They trusted us


Marsh McLennan

At the end of 2020, Marsh McLennan called on Colliers to help it implement a new work organisation to be more in line with the new hybrid ways of working. The new chosen concept, “Work from anywhere”, allows everyone to decide where they want to work. Our Change Management team established the impact plan of this new way of working, allowing them to develop a comprehensive and tailored change management plan for Marsh MCLennan.


In 2019, the STIB / MIVB called on Colliers to move its IT department towards a more flexible model. In addition to the update of the plans and the development of the programme of requirements carried out by our Workplace Strategy experts, our Change Management team defined and proposed a change management plan to help the STIB / MIVB teams implement this new way of working.


In the framework of UCB’s InSpace model, an activity-based work environment that stimulates innovation through enhanced collaboration and co-creation opportunities, our Change Management experts support and advise UCB in various change projects.