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Welcome Yacine!

Yacine Malek (28)

Occupier Advisory & Capital Markets at Colliers International


What exactly does your job involve?

There are two parts to my job. The first part is consultation. We help our clients to find a solution to all their questions about real estate. We offer an integrated approach and we don’t limit ourselves strictly speaking to the number of square metres that our clients occupy. Alongside them, we assess if they need more or less space, by using NWOW/AGILE tools that are adapted to their way of working, by renegotiating contracts, and by embarking on a search for their employees who would like to be based in a more suitable place, etc. We act as a single point of contact for all their real estate needs.

The second part involves the handling of investment files. These include financial and operating lease contracts, sale and lease back scenarios, sales files and others.


Why did you choose Colliers International?

In Belgium, most of the companies operating in commercial real estate have an active portfolio of leased properties. It’s different at Colliers. We don’t have a real estate portfolio that we ‘must’ offer. As a result, we focus as far as possible on adding value for the end-user and our client – whether they are a tenant, buyer, owner or investor. In other words, we spend time assessing the options with our client and we look for the best solution. As we are not tied to a specific portfolio, we have greater flexibility. We can provide our clients with a considerably more complete and transparent picture of the market. They are offered these options: searching for new office space, change management, contract renegotiation, layout and test fits, ‘sale and lease back’, etc. Colliers guarantees an adapted service, without any conflicts of interest.

Why do you like working at Colliers International?

When I began here, I immediately found a very nice working atmosphere. The relationship between all the business units is amazing. Not only for us in Belgium, but also internationally. So Colliers International is a modern and progressive company, which has the strength of an international company and the market knowledge of a local player, and where there is always room for your ideas.

What do you really love doing?

It may sound like a cliché, but I love doing my job. Whether during or outside of office hours, I continue to be interested in the real estate sector. I am really fascinated to see that changes in the political and economic fields are also reflected in the real estate sector. I’m interested in all kinds of issues. What are today’s market trends? Which sectors are expanding? Which sectors are getting weaker? What does the company do and why is it based there? Are they renting the office or did they buy it? Where could they expand?

In a nutshell, I like to map out all the different facets of the office world. I’ve also got many good friends and colleagues who work in the same sector as me and with whom I share this passion.