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Welcome Ann!

Ann Mellemans (50)

Project Manager at Colliers International


What exactly does your job involve?

My main task is to manage and successfully complete projects. At Colliers, I have the opportunity to work on different types of project. For me, starting a series of new projects and following them up from A to Z is a challenge in itself. No two days are the same at Colliers!

Why did you choose Colliers International?

After an Internet search, I spotted the job vacancy for Project Manager at Colliers. At the time, I already had several years of experience working as a project manager in the retail sector, and I knew that I wanted to continue in such a job. I familiarised myself with a few of the company’s projects on its website. I found them to be very interesting. I also noted that Colliers has very attractive offices, works in a modern way, and has a team of designers that spend time reflecting closely with the client. So the Project Manager position at Colliers looked to be a fascinating challenge, and it’s one that I’ve taken on enthusiastically and actively.

Why do you like working at Colliers International?

As somebody new to the company, I was immediately accepted by the members of my team. From day one, I joined them on a project that had already begun. I really appreciated that.

What do you really love doing?

Travel and sport are my favourite leisure activities. Once a year, I try to take a trip with my husband to a faraway place. I also go jogging every weekend and try to stay in shape by exercising. I should ideally exercise three times a week, but this is unfortunately not always feasible.