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Employer branding as favourite topic

Lots of companies invest massively in all kind of salary advantages and remunerations to attract new talents or to retain people. Often they forget their best weapon: their brand! Nevertheless, 'employer branding’ is an essential fact. With the Smart Way of Working the employee often looses the feeling of belonging to the organisation. The proudness of being associated with the organisation and to be identified by a company culture is fundamental for the motivation of staff to contribute to the common goals.

However I notice that often ‘employer branding’ is insufficiently developed with our clients that consult us to reflect together on an optimal fit-out of their work environment. But if they do not take the feeling of belonging into account in their approach, they run the risk to fail.

A living showroom

It is important that customers visiting us have a clear view on our philosophy. That is why we applied this credo at the fit-out of our own offices in the Glaverbel-building in Watermael-Bosvoorde. The building as such contributes to a strong image brand for Colliers. It has a history and is built with precious materials completely surrounded by green, even in the building itself.

The interior design resulted in lots of landscape zones, with diversified areas and very opposite themes of decoration. Three-dimensional blocks represent each systematically a bubble + a simple or double closed work area and a small meeting room. The landscape areas full of light are suited for maximum 10 people to create a certain matter of intimacy and comfort at your job. The principles of clean desk and flex desk are implemented.
Via this design we reflect the values, representing autonomy, responsibility, transparency and synergy. Our multidisciplinary teams that consist of engineers, architects, real estate consultants, economists, interior architects and facility managers are connected and collaborate optimally. Working in silo's should be avoided: interaction between our employees is an absolute must. 

In short, however - within lots of workplace projects the strategy is based on the 3 B’s of Bricks, Bytes and Behaviour - a fourth B should be added, the one of Branding. That is one of our favourite topics.

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