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Case: LeasePlan


LeasePlan previously had its own office building. This building dated from the 1980s and was obsolete. The building no longer reflected LeasePlan’s corporate culture and did not give new visitors a good first impression. There was a lot of space in the building, in fact too much space. In addition, the office consisted of small separate offices, long corridors and there was little opportunity for staff to work flexibly and together in all the small ‘boxes’. In the past, small and separate rooms were typically part of an ordinary office environment, but nowadays, open spaces are more common.

As it was too difficult to solve the problems of these obsolete offices, LeasePlan opted for a completely new office building. In addition to an attractive, ergonomic and practical office building, LeasePlan wanted an office that would also allow for a ‘hybrid’ or ‘activity-based’ way of working.

Here, the term ‘hybrid’ refers to a modern workplace which, besides promoting working from home, still offers a sufficient number of flexible workstations or open spaces for employees who prefer to work at the office or who simply cannot work from home. Activity-based work refers to a working environment that should promote optimal working in a variety of spaces: quiet rooms, phone call cubicles, meeting rooms, flexible spaces, ‘disruptive spaces’, open spaces, and cafés, etc.

With Colliers International taken on as a partner, LeasePlan was 100% satisfied with this project. 

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After seeing three other offers, LeasePlan chose Colliers as its partner. The main reason was that Colliers is an internationally reputed company.

In February 2019, LeasePlan asked the experts at Colliers to design their new building in a modern way and in line with their corporate identity. Renovation of the offices took place between February 2019 and November 2019, when LeasePlan moved in.

Colliers took over the entire project and first looked at the current situation. Then Colliers’ experts interviewed LeasePlan’s employees, to get a clearer sense of what they considered to be the perfect working environment. Subsequently, Colliers’ experts had enough information to develop a plan to meet LeasePlan’s wishes. Starting in March 2019, weekly meetings were organized so that Colliers could supervise the project as efficiently as possible.

LeasePlan wanted to offer its employees a hybrid way of working in a new workplace, one that is attractive, practical and ergonomic. The main elements of the new workplace had to meet these criteria:

  1. Flexible workstations for all (even for the management, there are no more fixed offices);
  2. Open spaces for up to 20 workstations at a time;
  3. Separate rooms for meetings (also stand-up rooms for internal meetings), phone calls and work requiring concentration;
  4. Comfortable, high-quality and ergonomic furniture: the best office chairs on the market, everything must be fully electric, and the tables are ‘state of the art’ so that you can use them while standing or sitting;
  5. Good ventilation: LeasePlan has invested in heating and air conditioning;
  6. Use of insulating materials for good acoustics and quiet rooms with soundproofing.

And all this had to be in keeping with LeasePlan’s corporate identity.



LeasePlan is delighted with the result: “Since the intervention of Colliers International, you can clearly sense a big change in behaviour among our employees. Their satisfaction is obvious to the outside world. Colliers has ensured that LeasePlan employees are happy and that they themselves will ensure customer satisfaction. We believe the whole project has been very successful, both aesthetically and practically. In addition, there were no nasty surprises in the budget. Colliers has therefore fully kept to its agreement and we would certainly recommend that other companies collaborate with Colliers.”

Furthermore, Colliers managed to set up a new working environment, with a 20% smaller office, entirely in line with LeasePlan’s wishes. The only way to achieve this was to organize the new offices efficiently.


  • An agile and modern way of working, thanks to flexible workplaces and open spaces;
  • A more efficient way of working, thanks to the redesigned offices;
  • The facilities are comfortable, fully connected to electricity and adapted to the employees’ needs;
  • A work environment with good air circulation (air conditioning in summer and heating in winter);
  • Quiet, soundproofed rooms and good acoustics in the meeting rooms;

A more pleasant working environment, fully in line with LeasePlan’s corporate identity.


  • 3400 square meters spread over three floors
  • Total project of 9 months
  • 220 employees in total
  • Occupancy rate of 0.81 on average
  • Different services offered by Colliers:
    •  Creating new office space;
    • Project management: weekly meetings to monitor the project and to match the customer’s requirements;
    • Proactive help with the choice of materials and furniture;
    • Close monitoring of the renovation work;
    • Systematic monitoring of orders made with suppliers;
    • Co-organizing the move.