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Conviviality and strong brand identity at Pietercil HQ

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A complete overhaul of the working environment, both in terms of organisation and design, this was the assignment of Colliers Belgium for the headquarters of Pietercil, a Belgian family business active in the distribution of consumer goods and present in four European countries.

In order to support the growth of the company, our client's desire was to move towards an activity-based and collaborative way of working, to evaluate the possibility of adding additional workstations, but also to create more informal areas that encourage exchange and collaboration. Highlighting Pietercil's core values and brand identity was also the fundamental and central element of this 2.300 m2 turnkey project.

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After establishing Pietercil's programme of requirements, we proposed a macro-plan to define the different zones for the 3 floors of the building. These zones, typical of the activity-based work environment, range from focus areas, reserved for work that requires calm and concentration, to meeting rooms, individual and collaborative work areas, as well as informal areas, such as the cafeteria or coffee corners.

As soon as the visitor enters on the ground floor, the whole world of Pietercil welcomes him: the brand identity is strong, as elsewhere in the building. The choice of colours and materials, with yellow as the main colour and wood, also reflects the values that Pietercil holds dear: family, friendliness, warmth...

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This spirit is also reflected in the cafeteria, which has been designed as a family home, a central place with a warm and cosy atmosphere that makes you want to gather. Whether it's a place to eat, have an informal meeting or work, the cafeteria is the heart of the building. The yellow colour is accompanied by modern touches of white and black, as well as wooden slats, the layout of which recalls the Pietercil logo.

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The office floors have also been designed in the same way. At the centre is the heart, the foyer: the coffee corner, which invites teams to gather and share. From this starting point, different "roads" or directions of circulation lead to the "markets", i.e. the different work areas and typologies (open space, silent areas, meeting rooms, bubbles, etc.). This dynamic encourages collaboration and encounters between the teams and strengthens the feeling of belonging to the brand and its values.

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Are you inspired by this modern and friendly working environment where brand identity takes centre stage? Check out more photos of this project on our Pinterest account!

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