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Building back better: The future of capital project delivery

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The response to COVID-19 is driving change in multiple areas, but is poised to have a particularly transformative impact on major building and infrastructure projects. The ‘megatrends’ accelerated by the pandemic – which include the focus on climate change and sustainability; digitalisation and urbanisation – have reached a velocity and scope that mean approaches to large-scale capital projects will essentially have to be reinvented.

Cost, profitability and functionality will of course remain major considerations. But several new trends are emerging that will also define capital projects in the future. In our CRE - Our industry today, tomorrow & beyond report we examine ‘megatrends’ impacting on capital projects, and explain how these will reshape the way buildings and infrastructure are constructed, financed and operated.

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Brussels (Colliers)

As Head of Occupier Advisory I help clients to develop real estate solutions that support their business strategy. Wheather they want to improve their image, optimize their finances, support growth or create a cultural change, their real estate can help achieve these challanges.  With a large experience in workplace strategy, tenant representation and office fitout I can provide advice throughout the whole real estate process. 

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