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Beddeleem HQ: workplace and showroom inspired by the 4 elements

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Trusted partner of Colliers Belgium for many years, Beddeleem is a Belgian finishing company and manufacturer of relocatable partitions, ceilings, doors and furniture. It was then only natural for Beddeleem to call on Colliers for the concept and design of the renovation project of its headquarters in Nazareth, in the province of East Flanders.

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The idea: to renovate the three existing floors and completely fit out the top floor, which was not yet renovated, to become the brand's showroom and to welcome customers and visitors. All this while integrating products (furniture, floor coverings, accessories, etc.) from their own range and from their partner brands. The building would thus become a source of inspiration for employees, but also for customers and architects.

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On the office floors, Beddeleem has opted for the New Ways Of Working (NWOW) by replacing its individual and traditional offices with flexible workstations and open workplaces. This new way of working facilitates informal exchanges, collaboration and team creativity. The top floor has been fitted out with large, bright meeting rooms for clients, as well as a showroom that highlights Beddeleem's expertise.



In terms of design, our interior designer was inspired by Beddeleem's finished products and the raw materials from which they are made. Each raw material is represented by one of the 4 elements, while the universe of each element has been exploited on the different floors.

On the ground floor, which represents the centre of the earth, the universe of the fire element has been developed to represent metal as a raw material. The industrial style has been chosen, without losing the warmth, since this is where visitors are welcomed: mostly black and grey tones, touches of red, exposed brick wall, black furniture, open fire, black industrial style partition walls, hanging filament lamps...

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The office floors were designed on the basis of the elements water and air, representing glass and cotton respectively. Here, as we move upwards, we find more of a Scandinavian style, with white and blue tones and the use of light-coloured wood. The world of water even extends to the outside of the building, as it faces a large, unspoilt pond, a unique situation that can be enjoyed from every floor.



Finally, we come to the last floor, the culmination of the other three elements, where life takes shape: the nature element, which represents wood as a raw material. Here, wooden elements are obviously in the limelight. There are also touches of green in the furniture, walls and decoration, but also, more unexpectedly, on the ceiling of the boardroom, where strips of decorative green moss have been integrated between the wooden slats. Nature is therefore literally present from floor to ceiling, providing a real breath of fresh air in this beautiful and bright space.



Beddeleem's employees and customers can enjoy this inspiring new location since the end of 2021, when the renovation and fitting out works were finalised. If this work environment connected to the 4 elements of nature inspires you like us, check out more photos of our realisation on our Pinterest account.

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