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Orange Cyberdefense offices in Wijnegem: warm design in a unique setting

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Visitors enter the offices of the new Orange Cyberdefense headquarters in Wijnegem on the seventh floor and are immediately greeted by a breathtaking view of the Albert Canal and the green surroundings. A long glass window frames this unique view in a trendy area of the Antwerp suburbs. In the centre of the reception area, two large sofas in the brand's colours invite us to enjoy the view. Light woods, neutral colours with a few light touches of colour... The tone is set: here, the link with the outside is preserved and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

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This is indeed the general atmosphere that our interior architect, in collaboration with our client, was able to convey through the 4 floors of this office space. But the relationship between Colliers Belgium and Orange Cyberdefense started long before the design stage. Discover or rediscover this success story in our previous article published a few months ago.



On the office floors, the space was also designed to open up the view and let in as much natural light as possible. The dynamic office space faces the window, with the coffee corner, the landing desks and informal meeting areas. Quiet areas, such as closed offices or meeting rooms, were therefore placed to the sides. Floor coverings in different materials and colours, as well as a set of black wooden slats, also visually outline these two areas. The colour scheme remains neutral, but warm, in the brand's primary colours: black and white, with a few cheerful touches of orange.

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The brand's secondary colours have been integrated in small touches in the cafeteria. Green, blue and yellow accents can be found in this large, friendly space, which is entirely dedicated to relaxation and entertainment. In order to keep a cosy and warm atmosphere in this large space, the cafeteria has been visually divided in two by a set of black slats. On one side is a kitchen and catering area, on the other side a slightly raised podium and a large screen have been installed, making this space dynamic and suitable for presentations. The two spaces communicate with each other and are not completely separated from each other, which helps to preserve the luminosity of the entire area. In the same theme, a "fun room" has also been installed on this floor.

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In a few words: a characterful turnkey project with a recognizable style that welcomed its new occupiers in October 2021.

We wish Orange Cyberdefense all the best in this new inspiring and friendly working environment. Want to see more? Go to our Pinterest account right now!

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