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The post-COVID 19 office: Setting the pace of transformation

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The greatest surprise of the pandemic for many leaders has been the realisation that their organisation can work remotely, be productive and stay connected. This awakening has started a new and essential conversation for many organisations as they explore work, their work processes, work practices and the workplace. If people can be effective working from home, then what is the purpose of the workplace? How can we leverage our real estate and workplaces to best support our organisational and cultural goals?

We see our clients taking three main approaches to developing and implementing post-pandemic workplace strategies that support their objectives. The choice depends on the wider organisational strategy and on real estate related events and opportunities, such as lease breaks.

In our CRE - Our industry today, tomorrow & beyond report we look at the three main approaches and share our perspectives on where these changes start, and how far should they go to deliver the optimal results.

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Annick Vandenbulcke

Head of Occupier Advisory | Managing Director

Brussels (Colliers)

As Head of Occupier Advisory I help clients to develop real estate solutions that support their business strategy. Wheather they want to improve their image, optimize their finances, support growth or create a cultural change, their real estate can help achieve these challanges.  With a large experience in workplace strategy, tenant representation and office fitout I can provide advice throughout the whole real estate process. 

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