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New hybrid headquarters for TEC Hainaut

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In 2020, the public transport company TEC Hainaut acquired one of the office buildings of the Au Fil des Grands Prés project in Mons from the developer Atenor. This 3,066 sqm building meets the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) requirements, just like the rest of the project, which is focused on sustainable design in terms of comfort and energy savings.

The TEC wanted to seize the opportunity of its forthcoming move to start thinking about its future way of working and the layout of its new offices. In April 2021, the TEC asked Colliers Belgium to advise and support it in this thought process: how to move from a traditional to a flexible work environment and what facilities should be planned?

The first and most important step of this assignment was to define the goals of the management, to understand their vision of work in the future and to set the strategic framework of the project.

Once the vision was defined and validated by all stakeholders, Colliers proceeded with conversations with each team leader to have a better view on their daily activities.

The vision coupled with this knowledge of the business lines allowed us to develop the concept of space occupation, as well as the programme of requirements for the future building, that best reflect the realities of TEC. In the future building, there will be no more fixed workstations and no more individual assigned offices. The different spaces will be used according to the activities carried out. Traditional workstations, located in shared or closed spaces, will be placed alongside other typologies typical of the hybrid work environment. These spaces, such as cockpits, informal areas and agile themed areas, will stimulate collaboration, innovation, conviviality and flexibility.

Our Workplace Strategy team then suggested a macro-layout plan aimed at dividing the 92 employees by activity profile, on the 4 floors of the building. Our interior architect also drew the micro-layout plan that best reflects the validated concept.

After validation of the plans by the TEC Hainaut teams, they were passed on to Atenor for the rest of the work. This transmission stage is crucial for the smooth running of the operations. The TEC should be able to enjoy its new working environment by 2023 and we are already looking forward to seeing how the TEC Hainaut teams will thrive in their new offices.

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Stefan Olefs

Director Workplace Strategy & Change Management

Brussels (Colliers)

Working for Colliers  for more than 15 years.

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Stéphanie de Halloy

Occupier Advisory & Workplace Consultant

Brussels (Colliers)

Stephanie has a 5 years of industry experience. She is a Workplace Strategy & change Management Consultant and a project coordinator at Colliers since 2020. 

She is responsible for the the development and implementation  of hybrid ways of working concepts that fit her clients company strategies, values and structures.  She creates inovative work environements and hybrid workplaces based on the activity based working & flexibility principles. 

She also develops and emplements change management strategies. 

For large projects gathering a lot of different teams, Stephanie acts as a project coordinator and makes sure the information flows between the different parties and the budget and planning are respected. She makes sure that the objectives and expectations are met. 


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Débora Van Geffel

Senior Interior Designer

Brussels (Colliers)

- Organizational skills and business know-how, as well as great taste and artistic ability.
- able to manage people, budgets and client relationships – all while designing spaces that are attractive, functional, and meet building and safety codes.
- provide sketches of proposed designs, including dimensional renderings, for a space though extensive use of computer programs (mainly AutoCAD).
- Choose colors, furniture and materials to complement the design, as well as suit client's needs for function, durability and accessibility.
- Communicate with clients at C-Level, to assess what they want and need in a space, and then present ideas for meeting those goals in a compelling way.
- Responsibilities include also coordinating with architects, electricians, plumbers and others to complete the job in a timely and cost-effective manner.
- Complete a wide range of tasks and work with many different people whereby my organizational skills are important.
- Responsible for keeping the project on budget and on schedule.
- Document the process and the products used, and manage contracts and negotiations on my client’s behalf.
- In addition to these things, I have an in-depth knowledge of building and safety codes (including site co-ordination certification) to ensure that my design meets all necessary requirements.

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