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Creativity is what drives us

"Creativity is really the essence of our job. At the end of the day, you won't necessarily remember all the steps of the project management, but you will see that the offices we have created are beautiful and functional. In our business, our aim is to improve people's daily lives, to increase their well-being in the workplace. The human dimension is an essential philosophical aspect for us.”

Eline, an interior architect by background, and Olivier, a civil engineering graduate: two different profiles who nevertheless do the same job, that of Project Manager at Colliers Belgium. For both of them, even if their job requires them to be organised and structured, creativity is central in all their projects. "Our job is also to find solutions to realise the wildest ideas of our interior architects", explains Eline.

Eline is Project Manager in the Design & Build team since 2017. After working in various companies as an interior architect in office design, Eline got interested in project management. "I wanted to have an overview of my projects and not be involved only in the design phase. I wanted to manage my projects as a whole. Despite this change, I don't miss the creative aspect, as I always have the opportunity to share my ideas, give my opinion and my aim is not to limit the ideas of our interior architects, but rather to stimulate them and bring them to life. Colliers is an environment where innovation and creativity remain central, even in the job of Project Manager."

"Finding innovative solutions also requires listening to our customers to meet their requests, but also good social and communication skills", explains Olivier, Project Manager in the Building Services team since 2014. "You have to be able to translate the client's needs into a complete project including a design, a budget and a schedule. And then you have to be able to show leadership in your relationships with all the parties involved in the project: the client, but also the suppliers, the contractor, the owner... As a Project Manager, you're that central person who makes sure everything goes well, but also the person the client trusts representing Colliers, so it's an important responsibility." "At the end of the day, you could compare a Project Manager to an orchestra conductor", adds Eline.

"Another good thing about our job is that it is not repetitive at all. Even if the project phases remain the same, the diversity of the projects themselves means that you never get bored and that one day is not the same as the next", says Olivier. "On the same day, you can be at 7am on site with the electrician, and in the afternoon in a budget review meeting with the client or in a presentation to the Steering Committee... There aren't many jobs where you have the opportunity to work with so many different people and profiles, it's very exciting."

After studying civil engineering in France, Olivier joined Colliers Belgium for an internship, after which he was hired as Project Manager in the Building Services team. "Since leaving university, I have had the opportunity to work on very different projects and I have always found what I was looking for at Colliers. When the schedule allowed it, I also had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and help in other departments, such as Workplace Strategy. I was also able to work as a Project Manager in Eline's Design & Build team.”

Do you also want to help Eline, Olivier and their teams to imagine the office real estate of tomorrow?

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