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Tenant Representation Services

Find the right space for your business

It’s more than just space for your office, retail or industrial requirements. It’s your business. Leasing the right space in the right location can elevate your brand, streamline your operations, attract leading talent and have a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

A lease also represents a significant commitment of time and financial resources. We partner with you to ensure your lease is not just a line item, but a competitive advantage. We do this by bringing together our specialized market knowledge with a deep understanding of your business strategy to achieve your goals.


Occupier services at a glance:
• We take care of all the details
• We offer competent and custom-made consultancy
• We find suitable sustainable solutions for your company
• We provide maximal transparency for your decision-making process (audit-proof)


In collaboration with you, we analyze and determine your specific space, quality, functional and financial requirements. These are then compared with all available options on the market, including your current location, to provide you with maximum market transparency.
Prospects that do not meet your requirements are filtered out, resulting in a shortlist of top suitable options. The forecasted space requirements and costs to complete form the strong basis of our cost calculation. We determine the cost effectiveness for the next five, ten, or fifteen years on a cash value basis, taking into consideration all pre-determined factors.
Once all the facts are on the table, you have solid basis for your decision. Perhaps you don’t want to relocate at all?  Our analysis may also show that you can achieve substantial savings and considerable improvements right where you are. It’s your decision - we will be with you every step of the way.

Top questions about Tenant Representation Services

Here are the top questions you might have about the leasing process.

Our Tenant Representation services experts will provide you with a range of services, including lease negotiation and renewal and in-depth location analysis.
If your needs include multi-market real estate matters, ongoing outsourced services or other complexities, you might be interested in exploring our other services and specializations, such as Occupier Advisors, Corporate Solutions Services or .

If your space satisfies your current and future needs, consider renewing your lease. We can help you ensure the space will be available and negotiate a new lease with the building owner.
If you’ve outgrown your space or need to make a change, you might consider subleasing additional space, relocating when your lease expires or even purchasing instead of leasing. We’ll partner with you to create a short-list of options and secure the best space for your business.

Or, you might be looking to establish a presence in the market by opening a new location. We’ll help you define your needs and find the right space.

It all starts with thinking critically about the future of your business. The best commercial leasing decisions take medium- to long-range business goals into consideration. Ask yourself:
Is my business growing or shrinking?
What type of talent am I looking to attract?
What locations align with my business vision and goals?
What is the timeline and process I can expect?

We’ll work with you to answer these questions and more to guide your decision-making process.

It’s best to consider your future real estate needs 18 to 24 months prior to your lease expiration. We’ll stand by you every step of the way, in a well-defined process that achieves your desired outcomes while minimizing disruption to your business and productivity.

The negotiation of rent and tenant incentives depends on the dynamics of your local market. Your Colliers expert will help you understand these market conditions and arm you with the tools you need to develop an accurate cost projection.

Don’t forget to factor in any tenant improvement costs, which might include retaining a workplace designer, construction costs, utility expenses, essential infrastructure investments and furniture, fixture and equipment expenditures.

Some other costs to consider include legal fees, costs associated with concluding your current lease and any make good obligations to return your existing space to its original state.

In any complex process, the best decisions are founded on reliable information, strong relationships and collaboration. Your Colliers professional will arm you with actionable market insight, meaningful business connections and occupancy analysis to help you make the best decision.
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