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Research Services

Fuel your growth with data-driven insights

Whether you are a landlord, tenant or investor, market intelligence is vital in making the best decisions for your business. When it comes to real estate strategy, that requires high-quality and customizable market research and expert analysis to help you successfully buy, sell, lease or develop property.

We are an industry leader in providing critical market insights for our clients and the real estate sector. Our team of researchers works in partnership with our client service professionals to produce actionable insights spanning every major property type in markets around the globe. Our thought leadership includes white papers, market reports and articles on specialized topics, as well as bespoke research tailored to your business and market to ensure you have the right information to help you achieve your goals.

In-depth real estate market analysis

Our dedicated research professionals provide in-depth market analysis across 37 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, covering the office, industrial, logistics and retail market sectors. Our data and analysis provide our clients with the information they need to make real estate decisions – from basic market information including average yields, volume, vacancy, lease rates and terms to customized reports based on our clients' individual requirements.

Top questions about Research Services

Here are the top questions you might have about the research process.

The Colliers Research team publishes forward-looking thought leadership on important industry trends. This research is based on proprietary data we collect from our offices around the world, as well as insights from our front-line market professionals and our analysis of economic fundamentals.

If your needs include future growth assessments, property marketing or space planning, you might be interested in exploring our other services and specializations, such as Tenant Representation Services or Landlord Representation Services.

Real estate markets are ever-changing dynamic systems. A lease that was competitively priced six months ago could be now be overpriced or underpriced. An experienced research team can provide vital insights, such as a reasonable estimate of your building’s projected lease rates, an estimated cap rate, or an analysis of market activity. When it comes to real estate, even the most seemingly minute decisions can translate to significant profits or losses. Property owners armed with relevant data and market context are empowered to make better decisions.

Whether you are satisfied with your existing lease or pursuing alternative options, a research team with the right market intelligence can tell you whether your current lease is competitive with current rates. If you are in the process of planning long-term budgets, our research teams can provide a projection of future lease rates in your current building or other venues of interest. If you are interested in relocating, we can provide an assessment of the potential to sublease your existing space or provide data to help narrow down the optimal location for your business.

Numbers provide vital information, but data can be misleading without sufficient context. We help our clients understand emerging trends so they can take advantage of the evolving nature of real estate. We help you harness this insight to make long-term decisions to support your business and financial portfolio.

Our research team works directly with our client service experts, capitalizing on the breadth and depth of our brokers’ market expertise to help you make better business decisions. With teams that specialize in every property type and industry, our client service professionals can transform insights into a competitive business advantage.

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