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Optimize your property management

Successful management of your real estate requires skillful stewardship of the physical space, tenant relationships and your reputation in the marketplace. Our team of real estate management experts is one of the largest in the world, with two billion square feet under management globally.

By partnering with Colliers, you will have the attention of best-in-class advisors who will manage the ever-changing needs of your property to maximize value and tenant retention, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Top questions about Real Estate Management Services

Here are the top questions you might have about Real Estate Management Services.

Real Estate Management Services include property management, building operations and maintenance, facilities management, lease administration, property accounting and financial reporting, contract management and construction management.
If your needs include property marketing or brokerage services, explore our other services and specializations, such as Property Marketing services or Landlord Representation services.

We place your interests first, from the way we structure our reporting to the way our 24-hour service center is organized to provide you with immediate problem-solving and big-picture data. We maximize your assets’ value through efficiency and genuine care for your goals. We’ll coordinate with vendors and support communications with your tenants. We also collect and analyze information about common tenant service requests to advise you about long-term repair solutions that can support your return on investment.

We recognize that tenants are one of your building’s top assets. We empower our teams to create memorable tenant experiences that build your brand and benefit your bottom line. We’ll promote practices and programs that enhance your relationships with tenants and increase business cooperation within your building. By responding to building and tenant issues quickly and by maintaining your brand reputation, we help maximize your investment.

Your management team will be composed of highly skilled local experts with strong backgrounds in your specific asset type. Your management team will also include a single point of contact for tenant issues and inquiries. The team will gather data from hundreds of similar properties — locally and nationally — to provide you with forward-looking advice on issues including sustainability, building management and property improvements that can yield long-term savings.

Colliers offers a robust accounting platform that fully supports the necessary reporting and internal controls to exceed industry standards. We can provide annual budgets and variance analyses, as well as a multitude of detailed financial statements, including cash flow, balance sheet, income, expenses, receivables and general ledger. Our financial services also include cash management, rent collection and administration of all payments.

We listen to your goals and create a management plan to accomplish them, whether that means repositioning, retaining high-quality tenants or finding efficiencies and opportunities to trim costs. In a competitive market, we help establish and maintain an institutional-quality reputation for your property by communicating a clear brand position and bringing together the right caliber of vendors, partners and tenants.

Real Estate Management Services

Efficiently managing your property’s finances can be a full-time endeavor, requiring expert understanding of accounting best practices to achieve significant savings. Our accounting and financial reporting services professionals deliver precise financial tracking, cash flow control and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) compliance to maximize your property’s performance.

Accounting and financial services include: 

  • Accounts receivable and payable. In line with internal controls and processes, our accounting specialists post payments and clear charges to ensure steady cash flow while monitoring income. Our accountants provide continual internal auditing including a complete inventory of leases, evaluation of amortization schedules and tax audits and expense reconciliations. 
  • Common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliations. Property managers work with accounting specialists to develop CAM, operating expense and property tax reconciliations on an annual basis. We will help you notify tenants of changes to recurring charges, answer questions and resolve disputes while maintaining positive relationships with tenants.
  • Budget and Analysis. We can provide annual budgets and variance analyses, as well as a multitude of detailed financial statements, including cash flow, balance sheet, income, expenses, receivables and general ledger. Our financial services also include cash management, rent collection and administration of all payments

Achieving a property’s maximum value per square foot requires attention to detail, an understanding of the nuances of property management and an ability to manage capital projects that increase property value.

Our team of real estate management professionals understands that no management detail is too small to impact value. We leverage our experience and knowledge to efficiently identify and manage projects that achieve the goals for your property. From coordinating contracts to landscaping projects to lobby enhancements and building alterations, our experts offer forward-thinking solutions that position your property in the best light with minimal stress, time and effort required of you.

Every property is unique, requiring individualized attention from experts who can create a customized plan to maximize its efficiency and lifespan. Our team of engineers offer a broad range of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety systems and appearance, ensuring that your building receives the highest quality attention and care.

Our relationship with your property begins with an assessment of the building’s key performance indicators (KPIs). We work with you to determine vital performance areas, establishing internal quality thresholds and identifying and correcting deficiencies before they cause problems.

Increasing your asset’s property value requires quality operations services from experts with a nuanced understanding of your building’s systems and infrastructure. Our team of property operations experts work to ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of your tenants, providing a customized strategy designed to maximize return on investment and align with your objectives.

Our property operations services include:  

  • Budgeting. Each year, our team develops a new repair and maintenance schedule for all building systems based on equipment needs and industry best practices.
  • Sustainability. Our team of professionals ensure that your building operates at peak efficiency, benchmarking performance against a national portfolio of properties.
  • Colliers Service Center. The Colliers Service Center is staffed 24 hours a day to register tenant service requests and offer preventative maintenance scheduling and strategies. This service is accessible to tenants via phone, email or the internet, contributing to long-term tenant satisfaction.
  • Inspection audits. We perform scheduled and random inspections to verify that maintenance and repair work is being performed correctly and exceeds service level agreements.

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