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Corporate Solutions Services

Bring expertise and agility to your real estate solutions

Our Corporate Solutions Services team works as an extension of your own. The unique combination of our broad expertise within each integrated service area and our enterprising culture will make a difference for your business – from developing cost-saving strategies to implementing technology and workplace solutions to fuel growth, our team is dedicated to maximizing efficiencies.

We combine our local knowledge with the expertise from the Colliers network and other specialists to ensure the best performance for you. We offer transaction management services for buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords – all over the world, and across all property sectors.

Core Services

Your single, dedicated point of contact will provide the account leadership, performance management and governance systems to drive value, align your real estate strategy with your business objectives and convert your real estate footprint into a competitive advantage. To accomplish this, we offer solutions centered on our user-friendly and non-proprietary Colliers360 technology and our consulting expertise. Combined with our relentless effort to be “easy to do business with,” we enable your team to focus on your business.
Our Corporate Solutions Services team specializes in advising companies with various locations in Austria and abroad, enabling them to concentrate on their core business activities outside the real estate sector, while we manage their property requirements centrally.

When you have multiple sites, managing leases can quickly become a cumbersome process. By partnering with our lease administration experts, you can save time and money through a more efficient lease management process. We draw upon our dedicated resources, technology and market knowledge to streamline lease administration, eliminating issues such as billing errors and overpayment.

Whether you already have a lease administration database or are seeking an optimal system, your Colliers professional can help you by abstracting leases, tracking critical lease dates, auditing landlord invoices and negotiating recoveries, budgeting real estate expenses and managing real estate portfolios.

In our experience, many landlord reconciliation statements contain inaccuracies that can be uncovered during an annual audit and addressed to avoid future overcharge. Our lease auditing services can help you take advantage of your review rights and opportunities to realize savings. These efforts and more can help deliver a compelling return on investment through a thoughtful lease administration process.

Selecting the right site for your business, renegotiating a lease or deciding to expand, contract or dispose of your facility can be complex – especially when dealing with multiple sites in multiple markets. Our transaction management professionals partner with local market experts and specialists within property type and industry sectors to ensure the best solution for you.

Top questions about Corporate Solutions Services

Our experts will provide you with a range of services, including consulting, technology services (through our Colliers360 platform), lease administration, transaction management, project management and facilities management.

We have helped clients through all types of change, including the organizational design or “charter” of your internal corporate real estate function, explosive organic business growth, mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, geographic and talent strategy shifts, brand transformation and aggressive cost reduction.

Our experts can create, support and execute strategies that align with your business objectives. We will work with your team to clarify those objectives, assess your current reality, develop business cases and alternative scenarios, make a recommendation and then implement your decision.

Our Colliers360 dashboard technology is a great place to start. This technology can help you establish data accessibility and then visualize the data to make it easier to use. With or without the support of Colliers360 technology, we can develop or revise your master portfolio strategy and the area and location plans to support that strategy. 

To manage your portfolio, we bring together teams with specialized expertise based on your needs. We can leverage your existing approach to execute transactions and projects consistently and with agility, or we can re-engineer transaction and project processes to improve efficiency.

In addition, we are able to uncover saving and cost avoidance strategies through our lease administration services – using your existing technology, our platform and other tools – while accurately managing your database of leases and auditing expenses.

We have experience in reducing costs and creating value in many different ways, as each client’s situation is unique. Some businesses can benefit from reducing the number of locations and the amount of space occupied, or from shifting locations around the corner or across the globe as a part of a workforce/talent strategy. Others can create value by deploying negotiating strategies to take advantage of the market environment and other conditions, or by leveraging buying power across your expenses (rent) and capital (fit-out) spend. Still others can reduce costs by recovering expense overcharges, or by balancing traditional leased space needs with new opportunities that offer maximum flexibility, such as co-working and serviced office facilities. Lastly, we save some clients money through the benefits of outsourcing – offering variable resources and scalability instead of their current fixed cost model.

We typically measure how much value we have added relative to our fees, and in many cases that can be substantial.

We aim for our clients to realize the benefits of technology, regardless of whether that is through Colliers’ technology or other tools and systems. We have become known for our Colliers360 technology, which is built on a non-proprietary platform, so clients can control their own destiny. We typically implement the first phase within 90 days, and we anticipate and accommodate the clients’ changing needs after the initial setup.
The most widely used Colliers360 functionalities are the business intelligence and analytics dashboards and the WorkTrac Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). The dashboards integrate diverse client data sources without requiring a client to make changes, unless appropriate. Our goal is to enable clients to manage their real estate portfolios with greater efficiency, consistency and accuracy – enhancing communication with stakeholders and identifying opportunities for savings and other improvements.

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