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Marcelo Zuliani | Colliers | Buenos Aires

Marcelo Zuliani

Director Comercial | Argentina

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Professional Summary

Marcelo is highly experienced in the appraisals and valuations field for corporate clients locally and internationally. He has worked representing both landlords and tenants across Argentina and Uruguay since 1997.


He has worked with many companies including the following: Air France, AOL, Fujitec, Ford, Global One, Groupe Labinal, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Bear Stearns, National Panasonic, Novell, United Technologies, Otis, Unisys Toyota Credit Corporation, Transcanada International Valeo, Janssen-Cilag, Makro, Norauto y John Crane.


·  Architect, University of Buenos Aires. FADU Facultad de Architecture, Design and Urbanism (1983-1989) (School of Engineering, Design and City Planning)

·  Master in Business administration of Construction and Real Estate companies –Polytechnic University of Madrid – Catholic  University of Argentina (1996)

·  CCIM 101/104, Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute

·  Real Estate Transactions, Austral University. Law School

·  Real Estate Appraisal Methods, Argentine Chamber of Real Estate.

·  Urban Planning Code Reforms of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Chamber of Real Estate.

·  Z-Marketing, Escuela Argentina de Marketing (Argentine School of Marketing)

·  The Art of Negotiating – Austral University - IAE


Memberships & Involvements

CUCICBA Matriculate Nº 3084

CCIFA, Cámara de Comercio Franco Argentina {French-Argentine Chamber of Commerce}


CITIBANK NA (2017) Sale of 8100 m2 by private tender for premises with offices in Florida 199 CABA. - Rent 2200 m2 local c / offices in Esmeralda 120 CABA.

CITIBANK (2016) Consultancy for the sale of 9 properties in CABA and Interior of the country.

•  Opening of 8 commercial premises in CABA and inside the country.

•  Consulting, commercial premises in CAB and inside the country.

CITIBANK (1997/1998/2010) - 5 searches and findings, consultancy service and contract renegotiations in CABA and GBA. Consultancy on Puerto Madero area.

Banco Supervielle

(2017) Sale of 1416 m2 of offices in SM 344 CABA. - Commercial local rent in San Justo.

(2016) Sale of 4000 m2 of IBM offices. --- Sale of 708 m2 of offices in SM 344 CABA.

(2015) – Purchase of 4000 m2 of office space for rental in IBM Tower.

– Disposal of retail unit in Vicente López.

ICBC Bank (2017) – Search for retail units purchase in 3 specific areas and purchase of a property to be used as a bank branch in CABA. 

SANTANDER RIO (2016) -Consultancy search of commercial premises for sale in CABA and int. from the country.

·      Sale of 2 commercial properties in CABA.

KFC DEGASA SA (2016). Commercial local rental of 750m2 in CABA.

HUAWEI (2015) – Rental of areal space including an advertising board measuring 120 m2 on Avenida 9 de Julio.

Al Mundo (2014 /2017) – Rental of 2 retail units in CABA.

MC DONALD’S (1997/2017) – Purchase of 2 properties in CABA and GBA, plus a plot of land for rental in GBA.

CFA / GRUPO GALICIA (1998/2017) – Rental of 4500 m2 in a block of offices for its HQ on Florida Street, CABA.

·      Rental of 1500m2 of office space for a Call Center in Microcentro, CABA.

·      Rental and renegotiation of 8600 m2 in office block for relocation of its HQ to Building Columbus, Microcentro, CABA.

·      More than 75 renegotiations of contracts and the finding of many suitable sites in CABA, GBA, and the interior of the country for their brand `Efectivo Sí’.

CLARO. (2007/2017) – Search and finding of 6 new retail units in CABA and across the whole country.

PSA (2017) Consulting in C. Rivadavia. -Sale of an office floor of 1200 m2 in Intercontinental Plaza.

PSA (2006/2015) - 8 new sites in CABA, GBA and interior of the country.

WAL MART (2002/2017) - Commercialization of surplus spaces in CABA, GBA and interior of the country. Marketing of a commercial centre in Changomas, province of Formosa. Overseeing consulting and valuation work.


Disposal of 2 office building blocks in CABA in excess of rentable 16.000 m2 and sale/rental of two properties as branches in GBA and Interior of country.      

AIR FRANCE. (2001/2014) Office rental in Bs As, 810 m2 rentable in San Martin 344 and consultancy service over relocation logistics.  

HSBC Bank. (2001/2013) – Disposal of 6 office buildings of totalling over 27.000m2 rentable space (4 in Microcentro, CABA, 1 in Barracas, CABA and one in Mendoza capital City).     

·       Disposal of 15 retail units, some with offices in CABA, GBA, Rosario and Mendoza. 

·       60 branch contract renegotiations in CABA, GBA and across the country.

NORAUTO. (2011) – Identifying and searching for flagship store measuring 2500 m2 within the complex.

San Martin Carrefour.

FEDERAL EXPRESS. (2001/2013) – 6 contract re-negotiations in CABA and Montevideo.

SUPERMERCADO MAKRO. (2007-2010) – Search and purchase of two plots of land in the provinces of Corrientes and Posadas

Other clients and transactions 

CARRIER – Rental of 2000 m2 of HQ offices in zona Norte.

·           6 sites in CABA and GBA.PSA.

OTIS – Renegotiation of 2500 m2 of offices and warehouse in their HQ in Bs As.

BANCO COLUMBIA - 35 contract renegotiations of their branches in CABA, GBA and across whole country.

BURGER KING - 2 sites in Capital Federal.

DISCO/ SUPERMERCADOS VEA – Overseeing of consultancy and valuation.

ELECTRA - 7 sites inn GBA.

GE MONEY -  9 sites in CABA and GBA, pre-expansion consultancy.

LLOYDS BANK - 25 contract renegotiations and new sites in CABA, GBA across whole country.


 “We have noticed the suitability and professionalism that both you and your work team have shown during the last ten years, during which time, we continue to choose your company.  Due to the aforementioned, we confirm that your services are totally satisfactory to our needs and compatible with the high level of quality that we demand for the tasks”

  Luis Majuan, Commercial Distribution Manager

  Compañía Financiera Argentina (CFA) {Argentine Financial Company}


Service Lines

Valuation and Advisory Services, Landlord Representation, Tenant Representation

Property Type


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