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Tenant Representation

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We know that a lease means more than a box where you do business. It is often the second greatest expenditure for a business after payroll, so it must be treated as more than a cost centre. Your lease can ultimately support business success.

A lease can allow nimble strategic moves. What will your company look like in five or 10 years? Many companies experience unexpected growth or contraction from market cycles, acquisitions, new products or service growth, changing leadership and the changing competitive landscape.
A lease can transform a business brand, elevating your image through the building’s  prestige or through proximity to other brands or service providers. For example, many businesses focused on sustainability are choosing green buildings and energy efficient options to enhance their brand.
A lease can unite teams for greater productivity. Through careful space planning, businesses can engineer how their employees interact, creating unexpected collaborations that encourages creativity, enhances product design, accelerates a project or improves corporate culture.

In Albania and Kosovo we represent tenants including Microsoft, Inditex, Nokia, Avon Cosmetics, LC Waikiki, New Yorker, Sanofi Adventis, EU Delegation, Eos Matrix, Junior Achievement, U.S. Embassy, Israel Embassy, Philip Morris International, Vodafone, Carrefour, EBRD, IFC/World Bank etc.

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