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Anthony Keohane has 20 years experience in this specialist sector. He is client director for Toyota (GB) Plc as well as acting for other manufacturers and dealer groups. Anthony has extensive experience in the petrol market and is retained by Sainsbury's supermarkets on their expansion programme. He leads the London team and  advises many of the high street banks and private equity houses and  in respect of their structured debt and mortgage finance.


The best thing i have ever achieved is my daughter but like in all great accomplishments it was a team game. Achieving my Honours Degree was a highlight having been 'thrown out' of University first time around i paid for and put myself through college on a part time basis when i realised i needed a professional qualification to progress in the industry.  Professional highlights include working on developing UK vehicle dealership networks for a number of motor manufacturers including Daewoo, Infiniti, Volkswagen and Toyota. Valuing an investment portfolio of 180 filling stations at over £450m for acquisition purposes and having spent a week in court as an Expert Witness on a compensation matter, winning with costs, quite stressful at the time but a tremendous experience.


Valuation and Advisory Services, Brokerage: Landlord Representation, Brokerage: Tenant Representation, Automobile Dealerships, Development Consulting


Volkswagen Group UK Ltd, Toyota GB Plc, Peugeot UK, Hartwell, Vines Group, Group 1, Sainsburys, Nat West Bank, Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, ASE, Hilco, Frontier Estates, First Urban Group, HSL, XLB


BSc (Hons);MRICS

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