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Alexis Molina

Business Applications Coordinator | LATAM

Rochaverá Corporate – Marble Tower
Avenida das Nações Unidas, 14.171, 8º andar, cj 803
CEP04794 000
São Paulo | SP

Office: +55 11 3323-0000

Mobile: +54 11 6020-7263


Alexis Molina CRM programmer for Colliers Latin America. Work in order to Implement and improve the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the región.
His past experience includes working in companies such as:
+ Lagash System
+ Axxon Consulting
+ Zoo Logic

He has developed expertise in different areas of knowledge including:
+ Information Technology
+ Software QA Testing
+ Software Development
+ Consulting
+ Software Documentation


+ He worked in the deploy of CRM for call center for more than 500 users.
+ CRM complementary development tools for e-commerce circuits.
+ Updates and interfaces of large volumes of data.




programmer analyst - Buffa sistemas
Math teacher

-23.59548200 -46.68526600
Alexis Molina

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